Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

The day

Just some quick notes on the music today, then I am going to crash out for an hour or so.

The Flatland Ramblers
They were a delight as always. Man I love this band, so much I think I may have bought their CD again ... I need a PDA just so I can have a list of what CDs I already have.

Beth Kinderman
I love her songwriting, I cannot watch her play guitar. I can LISTEN to her play guitar, but the upstroke thing just makes me itchy. I told her this and she says that freeimprov has a similar reaction. Her set was great, she gets better as a performer all the time.

Orckes And Trolles
They are a blast, they get the audience singing along and are just too much fun.

Adam Stemple & Lojo Russo
Wow ... that is all there is to say ... WOW

Bryan Baker
Great set as always. He was fighing a cold a little, but got through it with no problems

Possible Oscar
I've ranted about them before. Only half of them were here, but that is close enough. Great show.

Funny, the songs we messed up are the songs we usually walk right through, the songs that we walked right through were the song we don't know real well. Man that was fun, and thank you to the all the folks who showed up, it was a MUCH larger audience than I expected.

edit I would like to point out that all the major screwups were MINE ... ALL MINE !!!

Now I go collapse

the great Luke Ski is on at 10 tonight, then a music circle later

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