Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Last night

Luke's show was great last night. I struggled with the sound a bit, but got things running right. I did have an ITunes crash, the first time it has ever happened ... Sorry Luke.

The circle after was amazing. It was Bryan, Beth, Gundo, Jason and a guy who I met last year, but typical of me I never remember his name. We played for a bit, then Adam and Lojo invaded.

The circle was a blast, there was much silliness, much seriousness and GREAT music ... I finally rolled into bed around 3 am. Fortunately the drive home is only 40 minutes. So I am collapsing in a matter of moments.

Thank you everyone who made the music so great this year. I already have big plans for next year, since it's Demicon 20. Most announcements on that as time goes along.
Tags: demicon
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