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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Marscon - Day One

I got to Minneapolis the middle of the afternoon friday.

I went straight to the hotel and got my badge, ran into a bunch of people I knew (some expected and some not) and headed off to my friend Celia'a.

We had a lovely dinner. It was an afghan place and just the thing I needed. Exotic enough, spicy enough, filling enough and as always the conversation was wonderful.

I headed back to the con. I watched a very silly opening ceremonies (and even got acknowledged by the concom). Shockwave Theatre did a show that lasted about an hour. I really like the writing and at least one bit shortened my breathing for the extent. It was a wonderful bit where he took and turned language around on itself.

So ... on to the Festival Of Dementia.

I think I said that I wanted to do my song WYSIWYG rather than Bang My Bald Spot but didn't know what Dr D wanted me to do. I was informed that I had two songs so ...


First some comments on the other performers and Dr D.

Dr Demento is just one of the nicest folks. I've seen 3 Festival Of Dementias now and they are mostly the same, but he always has something a little different. I forget how much music I really love that he has brought to the world.

Ok, the other performers

Tony Goldmark (
The last time I saw him I thought he was a great writer but a so-so performer. Either he was having an off night then or he has made BIG strides. Teeth Clenched is hysterical, and his Harry Potter song was almost as funny.

The Worm Quartet (
Ok, I rant about the occasionally. I will again. Shoebox is one of my favorite people and what I have heard of his new CD (I bought both his and Tony's new releases last night) is great. The production is much better and the songs are ... well ... more coherent ... in a WQ incoherent sort of way.

The Great Lukeski (
Much fun as always. I think he should have done Fanboy rather than the Dylan Star Wars parody, but the audience ate it up.

Eric Coleman
Ok ... me ... I was not as nervous as I thought I would have been. WYSIWYG got big laughs, and Bang My Bald Spot got a much better response than I thought it would (big laughs also). I'm still buzzing about it. And really looking forward to my set today (even though I am not quite sure when it is).

More tonight or tomorrow.
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