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Duckon ... this weekend even

Here is what is going on music-wise at Duckon

Hi, I'm a Mac Electric - Hi, I'm a PC Acoustic
Friday 8pm
Main Stage
Musical preference or religious war? Ookla the Mok will enact the rivalry – see if they can reach a conclusion.

Playing nicely with others in jams
Friday 9pm
Main Stage
Learn how to (politely) share music with bandmates or in an open musical circle.

Open Filk
Friday 10pm
Main Stage
Until morning programming begins or the last fan falls.

Alternative Filk
Friday 10pm
Conference B
Until morning programming begins or the last fan falls.

Home studio: Making your own CD
Saturday 11am
Everybody's doing it and you know you want to. Join us for a lively discussion on equipment, techniques and personal style.

The care and feeding of things with cords and strings
Saturday 12pm
How to take care of your instruments, yourself and when to let a professional help.

Concert:Phillip Mills & Jane Garthson
Saturday 1:30pm
Phil and Jane are Toronto-area filkers. Phil can keep any filk circle going with his “Universal Follower”; in addition to his solo performances, he also accompanies Jane’s singing.

Concert: Worm Quartet
Saturday 2pm
Worm Quartet is a solo comedy music act (yes, I know it says “quartet”; go with it) from Rochester, New York. He’s performed on the Doctor Demento Show and is one of the founders of the FuMP.

Concert:Gary Hanak
Saturday 3pm
Gary is a highly talented guitarist and filker from St Louis, sharing original works and parodies.

Concert:Ookla: The Mok
Saturday 4pm
Main Stage
Ookla the Mok, our Filk Fund Special Guests, have come to share their rock-influenced multi-vocal songs on a multitude of SFnal and fannish topics.

GOH Concert: Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff
Saturday 5pm
Main Stage
Our Guests of Honor, Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff are accomplished musicians. Jeff is a multi-instrumentalist, and Maya is a brilliant vocalist. Together they write gorgeous original music, and write and orchestrate incisive and hilarious parodies of folk and rock standards.

Concert: Stone Dragon
Saturday 9pm
Conference B
Stone Dragon is the duo of Tom and Sue Jeffers. Recently married, they have recently started performing together. Tom is familiar to Duckon audiences as half of Dandelion Wine, our Filk GOHs in 2002.

Alternate Filk
Saturday 10pm
Conference B
Ready… Set… Sing!

Concert: ToyBoat
Saturday 10pm*
Main Stage
*Please note – this concert will begin after the art auction. This new filk rock group, who made their debut at Duckon last year, has been described as “Filk gone horribly right”. Come hear what they’re up to; you won’t be sorry! (OK, you might be sorry – but you’ll be sorry to miss them, too!)

Open Filk
Sunday 12am
Main Stage
Until morning programming begins or the last fan falls.

Juried One Shots
Sunday 11am
Perform for our jury of experienced performers and receive tips on how to improve your skills.

Concert: Mike Whitaker
Sunday 12pm
Mike Whitaker is a well-known member of British filk fandom and member of many groups, including Phoenix (the English filk-rock band), and Fleetfoot Mike, a Fleetwood Mac tribute band. He’s also an accomplished solo performer. We’re lucky to have him this year – come hear why!

Concert: Riverfolk
Sunday 1pm
Join us in welcoming back our friends from Minneapolis. Riverfolk features tight harmonies, skilled guitar playing, and a mixture of solid covers and innovative original tunes.

Singing the music of Tom Smith
Sunday 2pm
Since he can't be at the con.

There is a BUNCH of music going on, so come out and see some of it.

edit: janmagic just announced some changes.
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