Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

For some reason

The email address associated with my private blog gets the best spam in it's spam box ...

Paris Hilton Reported Missing
Paris Hilton Finds God: God Issues Denial
Paris Hilton anorexia fears
Paris Hilton's Vagina Infects Entire Prison Population
TV presenter sets fire to Paris Hilton
Paris and Nicky Hilton Star In The Other, Other Boleyn Gulls!
Paris Hilton Becomes Nun
Paris Hilton newly found sex tape
Paris Hilton has her 'third breast' removed. Cites declining movie offers!
Paris Hilton's Father Enters Porno Market With Tape of His Own
Paris Stilton no longer FHM Magazine Sexiest Women List big cheese
Paris Hilton To Come Again
Paris Hilton's Bust Goes Missing
Paris Hilton Hires Voice Coach, Works On Consonants
Paris Hilton In Online Plea For Leniency
Paris In For Sex Change?
Paris Hilton Caught Sucking A Fisherman's Friend
SpongeBob named in Paris Hilton paternity Lawsuit
Paris Hilton responsible for unwanted erection
Paris Hilton to open legs
Paris Hilton almost bankrupt
Paris Hilton Sold Her Soul To The Devil, admits it on Larry King
Letterman interviews Paris Hilton's Vagina

Britney Spears has Fanny Magnets Grafted in to Attract Papparazzi
Britney Spears Pregnant
Britney Spears to Study Theoretical Quantum Mechanics at MIT
Britney Spears Ditches Music Career, Enters Car Racing
Nothing Funny About Britney Spears's Baby Falling On His Head
Britney Spears Weds Plaster Wall In Surprise Ceremony
Britney Spears Pregnant With Child Star
Britney Spears and Madonna Play Grand Theft Auto 4 With Britney's Kids
Britney "Speared"
Britney Spears has Camel Toe Incident
Justin Timberlake Says "Britney Shaved Her Head Bald For Me".

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