Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

A Capricon Post-Mortem

First a moment of silence for Radio Capricon ... may it rise again (and Mike is somewhat certain that it's only MOSTLY dead)

I played my hour show to a friend who I brought with me ... no one else showed ... but I'm not bitter (yeah sure ... that which does not kill me only makes me funnier) ... she enjoyed it though ...

at the two circles I attended I played (and this is a dim memory over two very late nights)

905 by the Who ... I dont know it yet ...
How Will I Ever Be Simple Again - Richard Thompson (which prompted Chas whatshisname to do a KILLER Vincent Black Lightning 1952 ... man)
Roman Wall Blues - Alex Harvey (with words indirectly from William Auden (which prompted Jason to snatch the lyrics and music from me)

My Stuff
Caution Product Might Be Hot - which prompted Becca Allen to do a song (I assume of her own) also about lawsuits ... which I forgot to find the source for ... it was DAMN funny though
Low Self Esteem Talking Blues - which prompted one of the Minneapolis folks to play some leads ... I forgot to talk to him ... they were cool
And I ended night two with ...
Hides - which prompted same Minneapolis fellow to ask "was that one of yours" and Jan to ask "is that on the CD I just bought" and a lovely petulant pout when I said it wasn't ... but it will be on the next one ...

and I think that's about it ... although we did all play on Lukeski's song ... much to his amazement I think ... one of those wonderful filk room moments as Chas said "it's in A" and we all locked in to help ... oh ... and sang along with a wonderful filk room version of Georgie's Lost His Penker ... led by that Minneapolis guy ... WHAT WAS HIS NAME ???

a rotten weekend generally ... with some wonderful things about it ...
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