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To Be CONtinued

It was a really odd weekend. On one hand I had a ton of fun, but I was FAR busier than I wanted to be.

The original idea was, I would host a theme filk circle friday night (no one gets it yet, I'm not a filker. janmagic said it best, I do songs about fans), play a show saturday afternoon and be a judge in the Gong Show saturday night.

I got there around 4:00, got my badge, hauled some stuff from the car up to the room, sat for a minute talking with polyfrog. I left the room for a minute and came back to him saying "you had a panel at 5". I ran down for the last half and that set the mood for the rest of the weekend. I was late everywhere except my show. More on that in a bit.

The panel was fun, a bunch of fans talking religion by way of a supposed discussion of Harry Potter. It was spirited, silly and a good way to start the weekend.

polyfrog and I decided to head out to my favorite place to eat (come on, if you have read my LJ before you can recite the name without my help) and of course ... got back late to the circle.

I spent too much time last week half learning some songs for the theme circle. I don't have the big book o'songs that so many do so I was hoping that others would show up and help out. I got there about 9:15 or so and others were there. Amongst them janmagic (filk goddess that she is), Art (who I got to hang out with a lot and realized that I like a great deal), almeda and braider (who I had not met before). I can't remember if Deirdre was there for the friday night circle or not, she certainly was for the saturday night. And more on that later.

I went up to bed pretty early. It's a nice hotel with lousy showers BUT they do have high-speed internet. FUN !!!

I slept badly as I am inclined to do. The room was a little too hot and either too noisy or too quiet (I never quite figgered out which, I did sleep better the second night with the fan on though)

I got up early and went down for the buffet. Quite possibly the worst breakfast buffet I have ever had. Not that the food was bad really, just no flavor. NONE. Amazing.

I did get a chance to chat with a couple of old friends for a few minutes and then off to the masquerade signin. By this time I had kind of taken it on myself to run sound. Little did I know what a rotten decision that would prove to be.

I managed to catch most of Sudden Death's show. But I had to go get ready for my show.

Now, all the rest of the musicians were in the big room. ALL of them. Except me and braider (read her journal for her comments). Great.

I was ready and set up. 2 o'clock came around. 2:05. 2:10.

Yeah, it was a good time. Being someone who worries a lot, I was just a little concerned. Right, I was terrified. Two folks showed up just about 2:10. I can't remember their name but it is the same father and son who have been in the front row for all my shows in every state I have been in the last year. Thanks guys (the son's name is easy to remember, same as my son, the father though ...)

In the next 5 minutes or so more folks started wandering in. I think it was around 10 or 12 finally and as I posted earlier played a great albeit short set.

I ran back upstairs for the Worm Quartet's set. Now I have ranted about Shoebox before. I shall do so again. The highlights for me. Well to toot my own horn (and he who shall not toot shall not be tooteth ... or words to that effect) the acoustic version of Mommy's Broken was the best thing in the show. Wellllll ... maybe just after the new version of I'm Going To Procreate, which has a new verse celebrating the fact that Shoebox and his very cool wife Kim are indeed going to procreate. Congrats and good luck to the both of you. I hope you get a girl for the first child, cause a little boy will be JUST LIKE HIS DAD !!!

At 4 my 2nd panel.
Finding Fandom.

The three panelists, myself, a guy whose name I can't remember (I'm like that) and the illustrious Peter David. We sat there waiting for folks to show while musing on the wonderful irony of a panel on finding fandom with no one in the audience. Did they find it already, or not care to? The panel ended up being pretty much about whatever we wanted at anytime. Peter was as funny and acerbic as I expected from his writing. I liked him a lot. Didn't see him for the rest of the weekend really, but had a very good time in the panel.

The original plan was for me to bring some of my gear for use on the main stage and the film room. They used the mikes on the main stage but the mixer I brought ended up not being used. Still, a good thing I brought it.

The sound guy (Bill, from Dementia Radio) had to be back in Michigan late saturday night. Which meant, and I was apparantly the only person this occured to, NO SOUND FOR THE MASQUERADE !!!


So starting around 5 I started gathering up stuff to patch into the hotel sound system (HSS). I had my mixer, my laptop for the sound. The microphones. But no XLR cords to go from my mixer to the HSS. Oh, I call it the HSS because, well, there was a lot of it on one channel no matter how I hooked it up. I got rid of most if it with creative use of direct boxes, but it still bugged me. Oh, the cords and one DI to hook up to the wall came from Shoebox.

So I started gathering songs and burning them to the laptop. The worst thing about masquerades is the delay between costumes as someone swaps and cues up a CD. I had them all at the touch of a button.

I do want to give a shout out to someone and a bitchslap with a clue bat. To the guy who was screwing with my computer while I ran up to get something to eat and trying to work out how I had burned the songs so he could help. ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION BEFORE YOU PLAY WITH ANYONE ELSE'S TOYS !!!

I was a little testy toward him after that and his trying to yank all my gear off the table I had it on. He deserved it. Nice guy, just stay out of my way the next time.

In retrospect (and we made up later) I do regret getting testy with the very charming and certainly undeserving of my abuse Chase Masterson. We spoke the next day and she was probably much nicer to me than I deserved.

So ignore all that nasty stuff I said about actresses earlier. I was still angry about the evening when I wrote it.

I was still getting discs at 7 when the show was supposed to start, but we still only went about 10 minutes late.

Not bad for tossing together a whole show and sound system in about an hour and a half.

The show ran very smooth, I messed up one cue by not reading the sheet totally.

The Gong Show was, well, kinda fun and annoying at the same time.

The Great Lukeski was his usual charming self as the MC. I got to toss in a few comments (since I was a judge) but ...

One of the judges gonged Shoebox. The guy was lucky to get away with his life. It pissed off Luke, me and most importantly Shoebox. Luke said "at least let them get to the first joke in the song before you gong them.

Devo Spice from Sudden Death won, and I got the best laugh of the evening (IMNSHO). One of the judges gave him an 8 even though he has the Beavis and Butthead puppets in the bit (Ozzman) and as she said "they suck".

I took the mike and in my best Beavis voice said "I'll give him a 9 cause she said suck"

You had to be there.

I tore down after the show and retreated upstairs. I wrote the quick report below and headed down to the filk circle.

I was tired, out of sorts and just annoyed. So I did nothing but serious songs all evening. It was wonderful. Did Hand Above The Water, Hides and Don't Go Home (and that was all I think) and had a wonderful round of telling funny stories about annoying anyone handing us religious literature. Everyone in the room had at least one great story. One of the most relaxing times I have had in a filk circle. I think after all these years of doing this I feel like I belong there.

I went to bed fairly early and slept badly again (damn hotels) and got up, loaded out, checked out and to my final panel. Filk vs Dementia. I feel there is not such thing. Some folks in one won't like the other. Screw'em. There is too much overlap and too many fans of both and from both who do get along. It's a false supposition. I feel like I have a bit of a toe in each and love both and I know a lot of folks who feel the same way.

I headed out early. Got home around 7. I was nice to be home.

A good con, just exhausting.
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