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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Demicon In Des Moines IA April 30

I just posted this to

This is a little con that has big ambitions. The music guy, Josh, started a
music track last year and this year it has exploded.

Some bits from their music page

This year we have a special treat for you. Taking advantage of having Emma Bull
as a guest, we will have a concert Saturday evening in the Grand Ball Room,
following the Masquerade judging. We proudly announce an amalgam concert
featuring Emma Bull, Lojo Russo, Adam Stemple, Lorraine Garland, Trevor
Hartman, and Paul Score. You may recognize their names from the bands Cats
Laughing, The Flash Girls, Folk Underground, Funks Grove, Boiled in Lead, Tim
Malloys as well as Lojo Russo's solo touring. So be sure to come for two and a
half hours of the astounding mix of this concert.

But wait, there's more

Confirmed musicians:
Flash Girls (Folk/Rock)
Lojo Russo (Folk/Rock)
Folk Underground (Folk/Rock)
Dave Clement (Folk / Filk)
Eric Coleman (Original Rock)
Flatland Ramblers (Celtic)
Orckes and Trolls (Madcap Folk)
Sandy Andina (Original Folk)
ATROPHY (Hard Rock)
Knotty Dog (Celtic / Folk)
Riverfolk (Original Folk / Filk)
Nate and Louie Bucklin (Original Folk / Filk)
Mother Beat (An All-Womyn Rhythm Circle)
Nancy Louise Freeman (Southwestern Folk, Filk, and Blues)

Rumor has it that there is going to be an attempt to get a monthly music circle
going in Des moines. FINALLY music is getting going here in central Iowa.

(I get to see Dave Clement do an entire show !!! I get to hear Nate bitch about
my voice !!! I get to hang with my favorite blue haired goddes !!! I get to get
my books signed by Emma Bull !!! I even get to do my own show)

hoooo boy I can't wait
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