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25 things

And ...

Cause I think that's rude.

1 - My first professional theater gig (as a light tech) was when I was 15. It was in England, I was paid under the table, and it was quite illegal.
2 - I didn't start playing guitar until I was in my 20s. I think it shows.
3 - I have lived in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, upstate New York, Iowa, England, Iowa again, Illinois and then Iowa AGAIN.
4 - I didn't own a car till I was in my 30s.
5 - The first new car purchased specifically for me was a year and a half ago.
6 - According to family legend, the basis for the original Charles Addams cartoons was my elder brother's family (we had different mothers).
7 - The best concert I ever saw was Benny Goodman at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The second was The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, also in London, and the third was the original Ultravox in Grinnell, IA. If that doesn't size up my odd tastes in music, nothing will.
8 - I love it when people ask me if my wife left me because of the songs.
9 - I am afraid of heights, but am fascinated by and want to go to the foot of Everest. Even the trip to the foot of Everest involves a LOT of heights.
10 - I have a fear of drowning, but I love being under water.
11 - I moved to Chicago from Iowa and in the time I lived there, I was involved with two women. Both of them were from Iowa.
12 - I consider Buster Keaton and Harpo Marx two of the biggest influences on my music.
13 - I once sat in a Tube train right across from John Wood. We were going to the same place, the Aldwych Theater, but I can't remember if he was in Travesties or Sherlock Holmes that night.
14 - I have a Bacon number of 3, by way of 3 different people.
15 - I haven't owned a razor in at least 25 years.
16 - I saw Nirvana play a year or so before they broke big. I thought they were very close to the funniest thing I ever saw.
17 - Matt Stover is responsible for me being in fandom. He's the one who got me to play D&D which led to, well, a lot of things. I can give you his email address if you want to send him hate mail.
18 - My favorite restaurant is Pita Inn. (I know this is a shock to you all).
19 - I managed to get to 50 without ever spending a night in the hospital (except for the first several).
20 - I almost failed 3rd grade. Turned out that the teacher liked to fail smart kids.
21 - I saw Groucho Marx on stage. Side 3 of the "An Evening With Groucho" LP was recorded at the show I was at.
22 - I am too nice of a person to have ever been involved with Dorothy Parker.
23 - The Wrath Of Denethenor is my all time favorite computer game, closely followed by Ultimate Wizard.
24 - The whole stop and go thing I do during songs just happened at my second Marscon performance. Shoebox commented on it in his LJ and I kept it in.
25 - I'm really quite shy until I get to know someone, but I'm good at hiding it.
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