Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Capricon: The short form

The bad stuff (let's get rid of that first)
Nervousness over my first show in awhile (which led to me being a basket case much of Thursday and Friday)
Bronchitis (which sent me to bed most of the day Saturday)
A dead radio station (may it live again)

The good stuff
As mentioned before, my show with the ever so lovely and talented sweetmusic_27.
Howling Boat (or Toy Beagle) pulling a show out of our ... ummm, doing a show on the fly to fill in time. The 4 of us had never played those songs before, and I think we were pretty darn good.
TWO filkertom shows, both different, both brilliant
Two visits to my favorite holy place
YUMMY indian food with good friends Saturday evening (at which point I started feeling better)
sweetmusic_27's solo show ... I had no idea you could sing like that
tollers's solo show ... But I already knew you could sing like that
harperjen's solo show ... see above
The three folks mentioned above and their show Saturday night, I only saw a bit, but man it was good.
Being able to play with my band in a couple different contexts.
Some nifty news that a few of you have heard, and that hopefully if it comes off a lot more of you will hear toward the end of the year (hey, I gotta be vague sometimes)

It was very much a hot and cold weekend. Much of it was pretty bad, but in the end the high points far outweighed the bad parts.

And I am back to the Chicago area this weekend for Toyboat practice, then off to Marscon the following weekend for a Toyboat show in a small room ... it's gonna be ugly folks.
Tags: capricon, fiddler amy, marscon, tom smith, toyboat
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