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Meme - questions from fannish babes

From sweetmusic_27

I'm supposed to comment on these I guess, even though she kinda beat me to it.

1. Tie-dye.
For years I dressed drably. For years before that I dressed in odd and wild stuff. As my life got a little weirder a few years ago I decided that I needed to come out of the drabness and back into the silly. I hate Hawaiian shirts, so I went with tie-dye.

2. Trophy Wife. It's the first solo song I remember you doing.

It wasn't my first funny song, but certainly one of the first. The original version had two chords, now it has four. I went to a xmas party at a place that I used to work and saw these upper management guys there with their daughters ... or at least that is the story, it's actually pretty close to the truth. It was a place that the ex used to work, and the rest is pretty much as I tell it onstage.

3. "Eric Coleman's in you, Eric Coleman's in me, there's a little Eric Coleman inside everybody..."

Not lately no ...

4. Chas of Riverfolk says (If I recall correctly, about "Lookin' for Trouble,") that you've got to have a song that a fiddler just can't resist playing. You've got "Hides." <3

I never saw myself playing with anyone. One night in a music circle Andy stepped in, and things went somewhere way different than I ever imagined. Now Hides is sort of a communal thing (sometimes). The best version ever ... Minicon a couple years ago. Andy on fiddle, Nate Bucklin on bass, another fiddler who did a bunch of gypsy stuff to it, I think that Howie Harrison stepped in a bit, and several drummers. It went on for about 12 minutes. I think it was the best musical moment in my life. Hides took about 10 years to write. The original part, which is the verse music now, was ripped off from an obscure Modern English song, when they were a noisy 4AD band, not a pop band. It never worked well till I started playing with DADGAD, then it took off. The scale I play came together really quickly after that, and the words not too long after. There were another set of words written by a friend that I lost years ago. Mostly about her dysfunctional family as compared to my dysfunctional friends. Each verse is directly about three people I know, the last verse being about me in a particularly dire part of my life.

5. Peter Pan's gots kids!?

I don't talk about them much here. There are too many odd folks who, even for someone at my low level, fixate on performers. The WSPA are the delight of my life. For those of you who have come in late, that stands for the World's Smallest Psychotic Army. One of them is even on LJ. Ask me about them in person sometime.

From chia_rhino

Tie Dye
I already covered this up there ... so I won't again ... dunno why people ask me about this ...

Miscategorized music
I am a music geek and I have trained to be a critic so I could go on about this for days. I suppose that I am puzzled by the ways that I am categorized. I am a filker, but I have written almost nothing that could be called filk if you didn't know of my association with the community. I am called a comic, but I write nearly as many serious songs as I do funny. It's the problem with being eclectic I suppose.

Punk Rock
It all starts with punk for me. I have always been a music freak, even when I was very very young. I started buying records when I was a pre-teen. I still have a lot of those. But punk made it all make sense to me. Punk was about the community but also about the individual (before the mainstream co-opted it). It was about a bunch of misfits who ganged together because no one else would have them. Kinda reminds me of another society that I am a part of.

I grew up here. It's a great place to be from, which is why I live here now. I want a nice place to raise the WSPA. Then I am out of here. 10 years. I'll be 60 and maybe able to retire and go live somewhere I like.

Questions of the Day!
I don't really know why it started. I guess because I wanted to see if my friends thought, as I did, that Jan Smithers was MUCH hotter than Loni Anderson. They did. And it just took off from there.

Or is that questions on 5 comments?
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