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Marscon, the long form

I shoulda taken notes. I shoulda taken my laptop to the concerts with me. But I didn't, so I pulled the names of everyone I saw off the website (in the order they were on the website) and now I'll make some comments that are perhaps a little lacking in specifics.

Wally Pleasant
He was pleasant. Really not my thing though.

MC Lars
I have liked everything I have heard by this guy, and this set cemented that completely. I didn't have enough cash on me to get all of his stuff, but I will.

Positive Attitude
Their deadpan wise-ass-natude continues to make me laugh. And it is great to finally have a real CD from these guys.

Marc Gunn
I've never seen Marc, but we do know an awful lot of the same people. His show was great, but I think my favorite moment was him in the Space Oddity room just hanging out and playing a couple of songs. Someone else I need to own a lot more music from.

Feng Shui Ninjas
Don't Worry Be Happy was only the 2nd best part of the Smackdown due to the very lovely and VERY twisted Ms Dahlby.

Beth Kinderman
I hate to say that I saw very little of Beth's music this weekend, mostly because she is coming to Demicon and I can see her then. A boy needs a break occasionally. The bit I saw of you playing before us in the Space Oddity room was great, but I was too busy obsessing about Toyboat. Sorry.

Carrie Dahlby
Carrie, Carrie, Carrie ... I think it's cause you seem so sweet and quiet and normal that is still comes as a shock to realize just how twisted you really are ... the new material is great, you were one of the big hits of the weekend for me. And your song on the Smackdown ... oh dear ...

Devo Spice
Geeze Devo, you'll rap for anyone you tramp you ... Great set, great guest appearances. So get a new CD out already (Yeah I know it hasn't been that long since the last one, I'm greedy)

Possible Oscar
The new expanded line up rocks like a rocking thing that rocks ... so when can we expect a CD with the full band?

Power Salad
Sometime we need to set aside a couple hours to just talk about music. We really do. I meet so few people whose tastes run even an even wider gamut than mine.

Rob Balder
Rob came over and talked for a bit about performing at one point. Here's the deal. Your stage chops are coming along nicely (better than you think perhaps), but you already have three advantages. You are one of the best singers in this bunch. You have great material. You have considerable charisma and charm onstage. It doesn't take much more than that.

the great Luke Ski
I talked a little about this in your post asking for comments. A little more here. I've seen you a LOT over the last 5 years or so (more?). I like the props, I like the banter onstage, but I like the material best. You can get up there and just do the songs, and win over an audience. And you did that this weekend.

Worm Quartet
I've always wanted to see Mommy's Broken with a full band. My life is complete now. The rest of the show was great too.

The Nick Atoms
The whole Hot Snack Time was pretty much what I thought it was going to be. Once mike46 pointed out that it was an anagram (Hey, I thought my raga man comment was pretty darn clever) I thought, "OK, Coburn and Wyngarde disco dancing. I didn't expect there to be an actual Hot Snack Time guy, I figgered it would be Bud dressed funny. As one of you said, it was a little loose, but who cares ... it was The Nick Friggin Atoms !!!

And finally, some comments about the band. I want to thank everyone who braved the small room that contained us. I think that being right in the audience's face really brought out the best in us. This was probably our best show. Thank you gamerchick and freeimprov for giving us a place to make some noise. The look on gamerchick's face as we hauled in a bunch of guitars was wonderful. It was this "what have I gotten myself into" look. I want to get back up there to do a stage show, Toyboat is best experienced with the full gear. I like the little hand drum, but a full set is MUCH more fun to play. We're working on a bunch of parodies, so maybe we can even get on the mainstage next year ... a boy can dream.

I know I am missing something. Please make fun of me if you can think of something I am missing
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