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Bad gamers

I have been meaning to do this for some time, put together some bad gamer stories. The post on rm's LJ tonight of rules for con goers made me think about this. So over the next few days or so I will attempt to focus and do some actual writing rather than the linky and poll-y stuff I have been doing lately.

I used to run games at Windycon. How I got the job is a story unto itself, but I will save that for some other day.

For some years I ran an AD&D game saturday night of the con. I would usually base them on maps from the Judges Guild world (still my favorite). My best quick game was based in the city of Modron. The original version of this was written at the request of two friends of mine who wanted a fun game for their wedding night ... yeah, they were geeks (and she oddly enough, is now my ex-wife as well as his) and they wanted to play AD&D on their wedding night.

But, back to Windycon. One of the rules I set down was, since we only have a few hours to get through this, the party should stay together. Doing otherwise will upset your GM and probably get you badly killed ... not your character, you. There was this kid who must have taken that as a dare ... or he just wasn't very bright, cause I killed him three years in a row. My favorite ...

They ran afoul of some thieves. He decided to take them on on their own ground ... yeah, a visitor to the city, who was a thief, decided that he could take on an organized bunch of thieves on their own turf. He was following them along the rooftops as they went along the street. Suddenly they ducked into an alley in front of him. So, what did he do? Double around to see where they were going. Duck to one side or the other and stealthily peek around to see what was going on? No, he walked up to the edge of the building and leaned over to see what they were doing. What they were doing was waiting to get rid of the guy who was following them along the rooftops. As I told him, the thieves of the town regaled new recruits with the story about the idiot who forgot all common sense when following them, and of course also told the story for years about the look of surprise on this idgits face as the poison dart hit him square in the middle of the forehead. He even cooperated by failing his saving throw.

Later I'll tell the story about how this kid kicked a wizards door down ... and what there was left of him to sweep up after.
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