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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

CONquest in KC

but this won't be the last time I'll be going.

I took off in the afternoon. One of the weird things about going to this con and to the Minneapolis cons is the travel time. I have 6 hours ingrained in my head. So when I get to these cons in 3 I feel like I should still be on the road.

I show up a little after 5 and find that I am indeed doing a show on sunday, and have a panel about 15 minutes ago. Oooops. But it's ok since I wasn't the only one to not show up. Friday panels are always questionable. The other two panelists hung out till a couple minutes before I showed up, and since the 3rd panelist and the audience didn't appear, they gave up and left.

I wandered around a bit, then got a call from starstraf. I stayed with her and Pooch for the weekend. It was so nice to finally meet Pooch. There are few people who can regularly make me laugh out loud. Pooch is now added to that list.

So ... we went to opening ceremonies. This set the mood for the weekend. That mood being rampant silliness and fun. I really think that this was the most relaxing and fun con I have been to this year. I always feel like it takes me awhile to fit in most places (if I fit in at all) but I felt right at home at CONquest.

I wandered around for awhile in the evening (and even went to a party or two) and went looking for anyone else playing music. I didn't find any and went to bed at an unusually early hour (ok ... it was still well after midnight)

Saturday was a blast. They were smart and didn't put me on any panels till 3 pm, so I went offsite and got some food, read my book, came back and went through the dealers room (picked up a couple of Burroughs Venus books, I still need to find the other two main books) and chattered with some dealers that I knew and just generally had a great time.

When I signed up for panels I listed maybe a dozen that interested me. The three that made it through to the final list of the con were a panel on Gay Marriage (needless to say for anyone who knows me I am for it, as ... oddly enough ... were everyone else on the panel). A panel on writing filk (I don't really write filk, but I do know at least a little about writing songs) and a panel on sunday on Alternative Lifestyles in fandom (geeze ... fandom IS an alternative lifestyle)

Gay Marriage
This included my first encounter with the very wonderful Selina Rosen
One thing about panels that happens occasionally is that someone pretty much takes it over. In some cases that is a good thing. I want to hang out with Selina more. Robin Bailey was sitting next to me and was a lot quieter and didn't say much, but when he did it put me on the floor. Mark Shephard was the moderator, and was pretty reasonable. Then in the middle was Parris McBride, who was truly the voice of reason and sanity. Here ideas on the issue were direct and brilliant. It's mostly about economics. I'll go more into this in a later post (I promise).

The filk writing panel was interesting. It was just me and Suzette Haden Elgin. She was very kind to this filkie come lately and I thank her for that. She was a little reluctant to be on a music panel (another story that I will relate later) and the panel became more about me than I really wanted it to.

The alternate lifestyles panel was fun, a lot of it because Star was on it too, but very interesting and fun. I mean really though ... fandom IS an alternate lifestyle.

CONquest has the largest contingent of gay fans I think I have ever seen at a con. I think that is a large part of why I was so comfortable there. I really miss having a circle of friends that includes a lot of gay folk. Since I quit doing theatre some years ago I've found that lacking in my life.

Anyway, back to the con.

The Masquerade was fun, I want to MC it next year.

Oh, a brief moment about another red-haired belly dancer ... ok ... the moment is over ... thank you for waiting ...

Yummy red-haired belly dancers seem to be the theme for the tour. (ok, I'm a pig .. but I am married to a yummy dark haired belly dancer)

Saturday night late I hung out in the end of the hallway where the filk room was supposed to be (lights off and locked) and ended up playing songs for folks for an hour or so as well as trading gaming stories with some folks from Des Moines I had met at Demicon last month.

Did I say how much fun I have had so far ??? Good conversation everywhere ... EVERYWHERE ...

So, the show

Hey Dad
In Crosby Park (the sunday afternoon at a con butchered lyric version)
Bang My Bald Spot
Trophy Wife
Low Self Esteem
Woman I Want
Hides (which got a whopping 4 plays over the the weekend)
and maybe another song or two, but I didnt do a set list for this show (since I didnt know I was doing it till I got there)

The set was loose and a lot of fun. Maybe Star will comment ...

I do want to thank her for being my CD Bitch. There were around 12 people there (about twice what I expected) and I sold 5 CDs, and was asked to sign most of them. That is one of the nicest, and oddest feelings. Geeze, not only did they come see me, they also wanted to take something of mine home, and see my lousy handwriting too. Taking into account couples that were there, I sold CDs to well more than half the crowd.

Thank you all for supporting my appalling behaviour.

Oh, one more note on the filk panel. Around 45 minutes in someone came it to tell us that the all clear had been sounded. Our reaction ... all clear to WHAT ???

Apparantly there was a tornado pretty near to us. FUN !!! we never knew.

I hung out for a little bit after my show and headed back north.

The tour continues next weekend at Duckon. So far every stop has been wonderful. Thank you to the nice folks at Conquest. I'll be back (unless I get stopped at the border).
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