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BLOW YOUR FACE OUT BABY !!! - Eric's House Of Ego
June 3rd, 2009
08:16 am


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It's Magic Dick on the lickin stick


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Date:June 4th, 2009 01:21 pm (UTC)
I saw the J. Geils band live when I was in college (1972?). I'd never heard of them before, but they were a supporting act for Yes, who I really wanted to see. When they finished, I was thinking, "How is anybody supposed to follow that?" (As it happened, Wakeman and company then showed *exactly* how, in amazing detail.) The next day I went out and bought the J. Geils' "Full House" album.
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Date:June 4th, 2009 06:29 pm (UTC)
I have wanted to hear the entire show from that Full House record for years now. I saw them about 5 years later, in the middle of the day in the middle of a bill at an Iowa Jam. It was not their most energetic performance, but it was still great to see.
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