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Duckon - The Long Form

I took off around noon friday (about 3 hours later than I planned, it wasn't my fault).

The drive was uneventful but seemed to take a REAL long time. I suppose that between KC and Des Moines the last couple of shows I have kind of gotten used to shorter road trips.

I got to the con in time to get my reg and get to opening ceremonies. I saw a whole bunch of folks I knew, (these in no real order other than I am going through my friends list and spotting folks that I remember I saw) jerusha, pixelene, anach, janmagic, tigertoy, almeda, tarkai (the filk GOH) and various others from LJ. From the non-LJ crowd I saw Sue Urban (a very wonderful singer/songwriter who I dearly love), Art Warneke (a wonderful filker) and the folks from Riverfolk. I'm sure that there were others but ... never trust my memory.

I hung out after for the concert from Steve Mac and Mitch Burnside-Clapp (I think I got that name right, I'm too lazy to go look). Mitch was running late so Steve entertained us for a bit. The highlight for me was Mitch showing that you can sing ANY song to Alice's Restaurant. Please never do that again, I really do need to breathe.

I wandered away for awhile and fetched my guitar and saw some folks. I think that is when I ran into polyfrog and phuphuphnik and his wife (theaspins who never posts) and daughter (who dosn't post either).

I sat in the circle till fairly early for me. I was tired from the week and the trip. I think I played Hey Dad and one other but it was late. I headed back to polyfrog's house for some sleep. After all I had a panel at TEN FREAKIN AM. Who gives musicians panels at 10am ??? (Hi awfulhorrid).

In the meantime I made plans with alymid and greenmansgrove to meet for lunch.

I got back to the house, was almost asleep, when Polyfrog and Phuphuphnik showed up. Needless to say we all chattered at each other for some time. One of the nicest things about the weekend is that I got to spend more time with the twisted demented person that is phuphuphnik. We have got to hang out more. As has become so usual I didnt get anywhere near enough time with Polyfrog. Still we had more time than we did at Demicon.

So I wakeup some time earlier than I had planned. Both of the above are early risers, and once I am awake, I am awake. I headed off back to the con.

Now for a brief word about panels.


I had a good time on the two panels I showed up at (there was a third, but it was the hour before my show, and I just can't do that, besides it was about growing up in fandom, I discovered fandom when I was 31).

The first, about alternate history novels, was fun. I don't know who two of the folks were (Hal Frank was one I think) but the 4th was jrittenhouse who is always fun (well, almost always). I had a nice enough time, but I really had nothing to add. I have never really read any AH books.

So I took off for lunch at ... wait for it ... you know that it's coming

PITA INN !!!!!!!!!!!!! (yum)

Had lunch with alymid and greenmansgrove and his dad Rob Middleton (more about him later). Had a nice meal and good conversation and headed back in time for the concert by


Ok, let me get this off my chest. I love Riverfolk pretty much unreservedly. On top of being top notch performers, musicians and songwriters, they are just wonderful people. In this case it was the usual con contingent of Chaz, Becca and Andy (in reverse alphabetical order). I really need to see the entire band someday.

I don't know if Yellow Dog was the highlight or the low point. whthorse went into hysterics and the show stopped cold for a moment. I do have to admit to getting into the act by exclaiming "Oh my god, you killed Ken".

I didn't see a lot of Naomi Pardue's set, since I was getting ready for my show.

I discussed my show earlier, but a few more comments (no ...really Eric ???).

I think I was a little too loud, my apologies if I was. That is the problem with being the drafted soundman AND a performer. I didn't change the levels enough from Naomi (who is not a loud person) to me (who is). Still, a good show. Followed by a bit of (albiet nice) weirdness.

The songs work ... I know this is true since I had someone (I won't mention any names, barbarakitten_t) take me into the hall to verify that I was indeed married and all. Yup, sorry (and occasionally I am sorry, but in a middle-aged wistful sort of way). Made me feel good (she commented on this in her LJ as well, blush).

Does anyone else think I am hot in the same sort of way that Tom Smith is hot (just wondering ... I personally don't think that I am hot in any way at all, except on warm summer days ... but that is a different sort of hot)

I wanted to chat with folks, but I had to get sound ready for Sue Urban and Sandy Andina.

WOW, they are (as I expected) a REAL bad influence on each other. Talk about a perfect team. I met Sandy at Demicon and thought she was great, I have already talked about Sue a bit, but wow, together they are even better. Great harmonies, great songs (they are both superb songwriters) and just TOO DAMN MUCH FUN.

Unfortunately I had to step out once I had the sound going well, I always need to decompress a little after a show.

I wandered around a bit after, and to turn down an invite to the Filk pizza party (I didn't sell enough CDs this trip, but it was good enough otherwise that I dont mind). And ran into Polyfrog and Phuphuphnik who talked me into going to get some food.

Now this was fun, two people to play with, both who can out-reference me anytime.

I wandered back up to the filk suite a little later to see if there was a place to crash and Almeda lent me her room for an hour or so. We also got to chatter for a bit, something that we haven't had time to do for some time now. It was very nice.

I got back down to the filk room and set up and played.

The filk circles both nights were your basic chaos circles, and a little disappointing. Not that I didnt get to play much (I am not shy about stepping in), but that some folks didn't get to play much.

I did Oh Shannon (which got the biggest laughs I have ever gotten for it), Trophy Wife (since someone made a reference to a TW in the intro to his song, I took it as a dare) and I Want To Kill Everybody (which always gets a very funny reaction, Tigertoy showed me a picture from Capricon of the reaction to it, a singer who's name I can't think of looking positively appalled).

I went up to the 2BC room to play a couple of songs as requested, but the music was just too loud and my ears started to hurt so I had to leave (I have tintinus).

I headed back to Polyfrog's WAY to damn late (but not all that late really I suppose) and got some sleep.

I got back to the con in time to set up sound for Graham Leathers (I did also get some food from Pita Inn, but you don't need to know that) and headed off to my panel ... missing Graham's concert. What I saw I REALLY regret missing.

The Panel was on superstitions, and being a musician and ex-theatre person I know a lot about that. It was a lot of fun.

Got back in time for Rob Middleton's concert. I have known his son for years but I have never had a chance to see what he can do to an audience. He was brilliant, and a perfect way to end the weekend.

I didn't get to see the entire show though, since my friends Joshua and Tracey showed up with their kids, and I hadn't met their son. They are a couple of my favorite folk, and they have simply beautiful children.

I took off at about 3 and headed home. Same thing going home really, it seemed like it took a VERY long time.

A couple more notes and definite highlights for me.

The Ropers said that they just need to buy my CDs outright from now on rather than carry them on consignment. I take that as (and correct me if I am wrong Bill) I have proven that I sell, and that I am popular. If that is the case, thanks, it makes me feel really good. If that is not the reason and it's just that it's easier ... lie to me.

And I had two cons ask me to attend. One I can't be at since it falls in the week between OVFF and Windycon and I can't do three weekends in a row, but I will be attending CONfusion in Troy MI. Thanks for asking, I am still amazed that people like what I do, and want me to come and do it where they live.

What else could a musician want ???
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