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That was weird - Eric's House Of Ego
August 12th, 2009
09:41 pm


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That was weird
30 years ago some friends and I went to Grinnell IA to see The Police (on their station wagon tour) with the original Ultravox (before they became the new wave Moody Blues) opening. The Police were pretty good, but Ultravox were brilliant. One of the top five best live shows ever, not, not that I have seen ... ever.

I had dinner with one of the folks I went to that show with, my best friend from high school. We see each other every year or two. He lives in Arizona, but still has relatives in this area.

When I got home, there was an email from a guy who is researching that Ultravox tour. He saw something I posted (here on LJ I think) and wanted to know what I remembered about the show. I remembered quite a bit. I called Steve, who remembered he was in a pretty altered state that evening.

Just odd that this was the day that I got that email.


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