Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?


Ok, I knew my strings were old. Around 3 hours on them and that is about an hour too long.

So ... the set went thusly

Hey Dad
The intro is getting tighter and tighter ... I did the bare basics and seem to have found a better way to get the audience involved.
A pretty good version and I did have someone tell me that they really liked the song. It's good to hear that about a newer song.
And here was where things went odd
Golden Age Of Silicon
I lost the chorus ... completely ... I didn't get through it
A pretty good version ... till I broke my A string. During the last verse. Throwing the guitar totally out of tune.
I retreated to applause.
The neat thing, the audience was on my side.

One complaint though. I expect for there to be talk at an open mike. You just expect that. Some folks just aren't going to listen. But to have someone in the audience playing guitar ... loudly ... during your set is just rude. He did this all the way through Hey Dad. Just before the last verse I told him that I was playing in B ... so he would hopefully play something near to the same key I was in. He didn't. He stopped at some point. But really, show some manners.

Even having a bad set, it still took me a half hour to get out of the place.

Oh ... and someone gave me a guitar tonight. It is a 30 some year old Harmony guitar. It's filthy, but seems to be an astoundly good shape. I'm going to clean it up tomorrow and restring it and see what happens.
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