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Eric's House Of Ego
October 12th, 2009
01:17 pm


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A good show Saturday. We've been in recording mode for a couple months now and if felt really good to get out there and make some noise.

Bold Marauder
Zombie Momma* (first performance)
Sunset Boulevard*
Rocket Launcher
Gimmie Shelter
Poolhall At The End Of The Universe*
The Lady (first performance in this form)
Sucked Through A Wormhole* (new lyrics)
Banned From Argo*
Would You Like To Play A Game*

Song with a * after them will be on the CD. Zombie Mama and The Lady had not been done onstage before, and Sucked had new lyrics that had not been done onstage before.

Would You Like To Play A Game will be on The Fump October 23rd.

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