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A request from my father

As you may – or may not - remember, “One Golden Moment” won the 2008 Jennerstown Mountain Playhouse’s International Comedy Playwriting Competition’s prestigious Grindstone Award. Linda and I were flown out there for a fine Equity approved reading of my play. As a result of the audience reaction to that reading, it has been selected to be part of this season.

Teresa Marafino, the Mountain Playhouse’s co-owner and producer, is launching a daring production schedule that includes two world premieres and one Shakespeare. One of the world premieres will be my romantic comedy, “One Golden Moment.” I will be attending rehearsals and the opening on August 10 as part of the Playhouse’s 71st season.

The Mountain Playhouse, considered one of the premiere resident theatre companies in the country, is an Equity and fully unionized theatre. It is part of a restaurant and resort area in the mountains 60 miles west of Pittsburgh. The theatre is inside a picturesque old mill.

This takes me to the next point: how you can help bring Shakespeare to a wide area of Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland?

It’s simple. here’s all you have to do:

Following my play in production will be “Twelfth Night.” The Mountain Playhouse is applying for a $50,000 grant from Pepsi that will be determined by votes.

Since the Mountain Playhouse has been fighting for its financial life in these trying times, they desperately need this grant.

The money they get will affect the plays that come before (mine is one) and those that come after. They are about to hire a resident acting company for the season. Better actors mean better productions all around. Of course, I have a selfish motive in this. The better production “One Golden Moment” gets, the better reviews it will get in the two big Pittsburgh and also several regional newspapers. Good reviews will open doors for my play elsewhere.

I am more concerned that the Mountain Playhouse will survive. It has been valuable part of the cultural life in Western Pennsylvania. I remember driving down there from Penn State years ago to see their productions. Getting a play done near my roots thrills me.

With that in mind, I am asking you to spend less than 5 minutes daily (or even once in a while) voting for this worthwhile project. (Click on the Mountain Playhouse idea. Signing in is very simple.) You can also request a daily reminder.



From the Playhouse:

“Pepsi's project is an online grant program which makes available millions of dollars to projects which are intended to improve communities through a democratic voting process. The Mountain Playhouse's idea is to fund the production of Twelfth Night scheduled for September 2010 so that students from our rural area will have the opportunity to see a professional production of a Shakespeare play. By mid-April Marafino had received confirmation from Pepsi that the Mountain Playhouse project would be one of the 1000 ideas competing for $1,300,000 that will be awarded at the conclusion of voting at the end of May.

“Now that May Day is upon, we need your votes to bring the $50,000 grant that the Mountain Playhouse has requested to Somerset County. “Now that May Day is upon, we need your votes to bring the $50,000 grant that the Mountain Playhouse has requested to Somerset County. How can you help? Simply use your power to vote once a day, everyday during the month of May, and ask everyone you know to do the same (individuals must be legal residents of the United States age 13 or older to vote). You may begin voting by going to Pepsi's Refresh Everything website and the Mountain Playhouse idea. Before you can vote, you will have to sign up for an account, which is easy. The sign up process consists of completing a single page that includes communication preference options.

“We ask that you go to the Mountain Playhouse idea and vote for the production of Twelfth Night today and every day until the end of May!”

Go here to vote

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