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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

From Slayer

He is not on LJ and asked me to post this here. Should I also post it in the Filk community?


To all Filkers,

I have read many of your comments and realize that my trying to explain myself made things worse. I made a decision that was later viewed as anti-filk, it was not. I want to apologize to Dandelion Wine, Toy Boat, and to any others who were offended and harmed by my actions. I made a very difficult decision, Not one I wanted to make. Since that time I have tried to soothe the anger it generated. I have even considered resigning. After much consideration I did not. I felt that I made this I have to live with it. I can not undo what has occurred but I can try to make amends.

I would like all of you to know that Duckon is looking for a new home so that some of last years problems can be eliminated. If we get the hotel I am looking at filk will have their own ball room to do what they wish with. I don't want you to think that you are being isolated, everyone must pass by filk to get to con suite. I can't say we have this hotel but it is my desire to get a home that every con attendee and guest has the space to do their own thing and have fun.

Also I owe many people an apology for my blunt reactions to their posts and my own ham-handed handling of the Jan situation. As for the performers who I almost shut down sound for I am very sorry, I was tired and frustrated and angry. Luckily for me a woman less than half my age showed a level of maturity I wish that I had. I told her to pull the plug because I felt that she had suffered enough under really difficult conditions. Meagan came to me a short time later and said she wanted to continue so to be fair to all participants. I told her to do what she felt was right. I am so proud of her for being so professional.

I know that saying I'm sorry fixes nothing but if you never return to Duckon I will never have a chance to fix anything or even try to. I did not send Jan away I told her she could not be tract head. I hope in the not too distant future she might see her way to giving us some advice so we can continue to do filk justice.
I fear Jan may not. I am sorry so many things went wrong, please understand that you are not the only people at the con that had no badges. Mine was printed at 5:00 P.M. I was the vice chair and I had slipped through the cracks. My badge name has not changed in the 14 years I have been here. Instead of Slayer it had my parent given name and was fixed later.

I know that I am rambling but I am sure I am missing an apology to some one who deserves one but I just want you to know that ALL FILKERS are always welcome at Duckon.


David "Slayer" Kummerow
Incoming Con Chair
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