Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

So, my weekend

Musecon0 sure looked like it worked to me. I had a marvelous time, and expect to have a better time next year. I went back and forth as to whether I was going to go to Mahtowa this year, and I certainly made the right choice.

The panels I got to were fun. WSPA-2 was along and went to the harmonica panel and the blues panel. I looked in on a lot of the craft stuff, and there were always a bunch of folks in the back of the music room knitting, painting and lots of other stuff.

If you are into anything creative, this may be the con for you, even if you aren't a geek.

Now for the band and personal stuff ...

First of all I have a new rule. Always room with two fabulous babes. Always. It's good for you.

The band had a blast. It wasn't our most musically perfect show, but which one is really? Here's what we played.

Sunset Boulevard
This Island Earth (new arrangement)
Wheels (Foo Fighters cover)
Reach For The Stars
Poolhall At The End Of The Universe
Son Of A Witch
Zombie Mama
Rocket Launcher/Gimmie Shelter
Roman Wall Blues (two versions starting with it done ala the Stray Cats, yeah, the Stray Cats, it damaged poor beige_alert)
Last Ride of the Cthulhu Kid (our new filkabilly song, yes I said filkabilly)
Banned From Argo
Would You Like To Play A Game?

I played some both nights. Music circles were small but wonderful. lizziecrowe and I did Follow That Road (Anne Hill) and Swamp Witch (Jim Stafford). I'm getting more and more excited about working with her. It's looking to be very cool, very eclectic and very very fun.

I did FPN both nights, with mostly different verses. I have now put the printout in my book into alphabetical order. It keeps growing. I also did Bang My Bald Spot and Hides, with WSPA-2 playing along, so I got a lot of music in. The funniest thing for me all weekend was a very lovely woman who sang along with both FPN and Follow That Road. I need to be friends with her, and not just because she's lovely, I mean come on, she's got to be fairly twisted.

I swam a lot. WSPA-2 and I went Friday, exapno, WSPA-2 and I Saturday and lizziecrowe, exapno, WSPA-2 and I went Sunday morning. My shoulders are a little annoyed with me, but it feels good.

I did wear one of my Mahtowa shirts all day Saturday. But going to Musecon was really the right thing. A lot of my friends need to go next year.
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