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Showmecon - The Novel

So ... off I go

I headed out to St Louis on time even. Weird for me but I needed to since I had no idea exactly how long it was going to take me. AND, I had to be there for opening ceremonies.

It was a long drive. Since I had a pretty good idea of how long it would take I took the freeway rather than take the backroads.

The drive was kind of monotonous, but I got there with time to spare. I tracked down starstraf, went to the room, changed my guitar strings and got to opening ceremonies by 6.

I was uncertain if I was going to be doing a song at opening ceremonies, but indeed I did, followed by Gary Hanak doing Be Our GOH by Tom Smith.

Opening ceremonies were fun, silly and a lot more entertaining than most. I was pelted by chocolate by shsilver just before my song. I'll get even someday.

None of the friday evening panels happened. Typical for friday panels. This meant I could get some food and had a chance to see Gary's concert.

Gary is a filker who is influenced in a big way by Harry Chapin. Which means you get wonderful stories and a very literate attitude to the songs. His songs The Farmer and Grandfather are as good of filk songs as I have ever heard. He has to get recorded. He is also an exceptional guitar player and general all around nice guy.

My set consisted of (approximately)
Hey Dad !!!
In Crosby Park
Don’t Go Home
Product Might Be Hot
I Want To Kill Everybody (Ed Haynes)
Marie Provost (Nick Lowe)
Color Of Your Eyes
The One I Chased ...
Bang My Bald Spot
Low Self Esteem ...
M.O.R.I.A. (with Gary playing guitar, I still can't play and sing the damn thing)

There was a fair audience for most of it and it only increased as the evening went along. As folks wandered in for the open filk I got more and more people.
The open filk was fun but odd. The rule in St Louis is everyone in the room picks/passes/plays. Everyone knows Gary so he got a lot of requests, on an average of 5-6 songs for 1 for the other two of us who had instruments (the other guy did pretty much all 60s and 70s folkie pop stuff, S&G, John Denver and other such stuff). A little odd from my experience, but still fun since Gary is very very good. I hung out as long as I could but saturday was going to be a long day so I went upstairs around 1:30. I came back down and did a quick email check and got to bed around 2.

I slept till noon. I never sleep that late. Last week was a hard week. And my oh my did it feel good.

My saturday panels all happened.
Humor in SF was a lot of fun and got as silly as it's name implies. shsilver and I have got to hang out more.

Most of the afternoon I wandered around and put up posters, chatted with various folk, Gary and his wife bought me lunch (thank you) and generally had a nice time at a very pleasant and fun little con.

Fandom History - I was a little lost in being relatively recent to fandom
Alien Worlds was a lot of fun. Everyone got to talk a lot and dozens of worlds were mentioned from various sorts of media.
The Filk panel ended up being just me and Gary and a couple of other people talking about music in general. Eventually Gary started his set and the evening went on from there

My saturday set was looser and more lightly attended. We were up against karoake in the main ball room. I brought my disc but was having too much fun playing to leave.

Product Might Be Hot
Hey Dad !!!
Oh Shannon
The Things You Never Know (I never do this live)
Hand Above The Water (see above)
Almost Beautiful
Trophy Wife
The Woman I Want

As well, in the filk circles I pulled out some oddities from my bag of covers.
Gun Sale At The Church (Buddy Blue/Beat Farmers)
Yesterday Is Here (Tom Waits)
I Hope I Don't Fall In Love With You (Tom again)
and a few more I am sure.

All in all it was a very nice time. I sold a couple of CDs (special thanks to the woman saturday night, I hope you like the CD)

The plan is to return next year. And to make next year's Archon as well.
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