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Many of you have seen Jan's post this morning. Slayer asked me to post this for him.

From Jan:

To Slayer, and DucKon fandom as a whole,

It is my deepest regret that I lost control of my temper and publicly humiliated Megan and her tech crew on Friday night of DucKon this past June by calling the tech crew incompetent.

My anger continued on to Saturday, and I am sorry to say that I did not communicate well with the concert performers about how much time they had on stage. This led to more stress for the tech crew.

Instead of helping to overcome the challenges that DucKon Filk experienced, I behaved unprofessionally and had an unprofessional attitude before and during DucKon 19.

I apologize for my actions.

Please accept my apology.

Jan DiMasi

From Slayer's:

To DucKon Fandom,

At DucKon 19 I did several things that were inappropriate and deserve an apology. In attempting to fix a problem I allowed myself to yell at Jan DiMasi in a public area. In making the decision to have her step down, I allowed unsubstantiated rumors and assumptions to further my overreaction to Jan's behavior. Due to interaction with a fellow volunteer, I told Jan that her services were no longer required.

Now having had a couple of months to look at it, I feel that I owe the entire Filk community an apology for my actions. I hope my apology can start to heal the damage done; I am truly sorry for what has happened.

Finally, I owe an apology to Jan directly. In our meeting after the convention I was unclear as to what I expected of her to satisfy my wants to fix the situation. I later "fired her" rudely and with little explanation as to why. I was having some personal issues, and instead of delaying action until I could give the issue my full attention, I charged ahead and made things worse.

So to sum up, I blundered and unintentionally hurt many people. To all who feel wronged I say:

"I am truly sorry for my actions. Please find it in your hearts to forgive me."

David "Slayer" Kummerow

The end result:

Jan and Slayer have accepted each others’ apologies, which both felt should be as public as the original conflict. Moving forward, Jan has accepted the position of Filk Mentor and Second, to train and support Colleen “Xap” Esler, who has accepted the position of Filk Head for DucKon 20.

Eric's editorial comment:

I think we can all move on now. Everyone has been allowed to save a certain amount of face, and Duckon filk will continue. I intend to be there. Hopefully you will too.
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