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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Heading Up North (Part One)

Yup, the tag is a line from the new song, which I did too fast in Minneapolis at the circle, and tanked completely at the festival. But I get ahead of myself.

I headed out ON TIME !!!

Twice in a row, weird.

I got to chasophonic & bonz_lizard's house around 3:30 or so. I was greeted by Banjo, who immediately tried to toss me to the ground (he's a very big puppy). He didn't succeed.

With a lot of prodding and begging Chas started showing me guitars (If I remember correctly, and I probably don't, all it took was looking at the cases in the hall)

I got to play too many really cool Gibsons (and others). It's terrible when people do mean things like that to a friend. Just wait, the whole guitar thing gets worse over the next 24 hours though.

We had a wonderful supper (thanks Bonnie) and headed out to the Riverview Cafe.

The Riverview is a cool little corner coffee shop, very much like the one I used to run in Chicago (I got a strawberry Torani, yum) with great artwork, a very cool kids play area and great music. I love the place. I want to go back.

chirosinger showed up after we had been there a little while (I want those pictures).

So, the coolest things for the evening. markiv1111 and Louie showed up to see me play (thanks). After I had been there a bit the phone rang and someone named John said for me to not leave till he got there. The only John I know in Minneapolis would have no way to know that I was there, so I figgered it must be Sean. I kept looking at the soundman. He looked so familiar. When I was plugging in for my set he said "I met you in Mahtowa last year didn't I?" He told me that I needed to come to his open mike then, I finally did.

I played a good open mike set.
Hey Dad
Color Of Your Eyes
Low Self Esteem

The funny thing, there was this older couple right down front who sat there and scowled my whole set. Fortunately I had a claque in the back and it went well. I went back to sit down and watch Chasophonic and Chirosinger play. Ok, I said it then, and I will say it in print now.


It's one of my favorite songs, so I tend to get carried away.

Someone came up behind me and wrapped their arms around me. And indeed, as I figgered was impossible, it was my old friend John. I haven't seen him in 2 or 3 years. He just happened to call home and the wife told him where I was in Minneapolis. The two of them worked together for about a year, and I even worked for the same company for a month or so. He and I made a great 500 Euchre team back then. It was very surprising and very nice to see him.

We went back to Chasophonic & bonz_lizard's house for a music party. I didnt know a lot of the people, so refer to this entry from Chirosinger's journal for all the names.

It was an amazing evening, which is expected when faced with Riverfolk friends.

A few words about Roady though. I have a problem with two members of Riverfolk now. I knew this about Andy already, but Roady was exactly the same. Then they play with me when I am doing one of my songs, I get lost because what they are doing is so cool I want to stop what I am doing to watch them. And MAN can he sing.

Damn musicians. My dislike of people who can really play and sing and all is well known.

Thanks everyone, it was a wonderful evening.

And more on the road trip in part two.
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