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September 29th, 2010
01:57 pm


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Originally posted by shadesong at HELL YEAH STROWLERCON

StrowlerCon is October 8-10 in Woburn, MA, and we are going to rock like you would not believe.

Join us in the Grand Ballrooms of the Woburn Holiday Inn, just north of Boston, on Columbus Day weekend — October 8th-10th, 2010 — for three nights of entertainment (live music, circus arts, burlesque) and two days of workshops, panels and other activities, including a special 10/10/10 celebration, and a Maker Showcase featuring inventions and material creations as well as artwork by local creators and attendees.

Click there to buy tickets - $45 for the weekend, $25 per day for day passes (so if you're going for more than one day, it pays to just buy the $45 weekend pass). To reserve your hotel room, e-mail lodging@strowlers.com.

Can't go but want to support StrowlerCon and sponsor a strowler? We have supporting memberships, and they come with goodies.

Okay. You have the technical details. But 'song, you say, what did you say about ROCKING?

Here you GO.

Friday night: Concerts by SJ Tucker, Kellianna, and Gypsy Nomads, and the MONSTERS' BALL featuring SJ Tucker, Catherynne Valente, Lee Harrington, and other special guests!

* Day One of a two-day intensive writing workshop with Catherynne Valente ([info]yuki_onna)!
* Sacred Kink and Rope Sex workshops with the amazing Lee Harrington!
* Burlesque workshop!
* Guitar workshop with Ben Deschamps!
* Costuming workshop with [info]cluegirl, the Wandering Legion, and Lady Cyanide!
* Poi-spinning tutorial with K Wiley ([info]omnisti)!
* A reading by [info]yuki_onna!
* Panels about Making Your Own Way; Strowlers in Myth, Legend, and Folklore; disaster stories from street theater; and Meet the Performers sessions with Tricky Pixie and Sharon Knight!

Saturday night: Concerts by Tricky Pixie, Sharon Knight, Heather Dale, and Kellianna - and a naughty nightime show, Vagabond Vaudeville: Mountebanks, Shewers of Tricks, and Wanderers of Fortune, with tawdry circus performers, bodacious burlesque by Rogue Burlesque, a rope show by Lee Harrington, MCing by the infamous [info]lightcastle, and so much more! (This will probably be your only chance to see me tied up on stage, I am just saying. So if that is relevant to your interests, hey!)

* VIP brunch to celebrate 10:10:10!
* Day Two of the writing workshop!
* Maskmaking workshop with [info]ioianthe of The Uncommon Facade!
* Busking for Beginners with [info]cluegirl!
* Juggling for Beginners with [info]slipjig!
* Circus Arts for Beginners with Frank Mohr!
* Improv workshop with Frank Mohr!
* Vocal workshop with Sharon Knight!
* Origami workshop with Andrew Anselmo!
* Gentlemen's Duelling with the Wandering Legion!
* "Zen for Clowns" - Beginning Contact Juggling and Object Manipulation with Russ Sharek!
* A reading by me!
* An hour with [info]s00j and [info]yuki_onna!
* Accessory-making workshop with [info]cluegirl, Lady Cyanide, and potentially others!
* Panels on cross-media collaboration (with [info]s00j, [info]yuki_onna, [info]kythryne, and me) and Music as Magic; Meet the Performers sessions with [info]s00j, [info]yuki_onna, Heather Dale, and the Gypsy Nomads!

Sunday night: Concerts by Heather Dale, Sharon Knight, and the Gypsy Nomads, and the StrowlerCon Challenge - a no-holds-barred open mic where you might actually get to see me dance.

All of this AND a maker showcase and art show and vendors including Kythryne of Wyrding Studios, [info]rivenwanderer of purpleshiny, Dark Siren Designs, Parrish Relics, Red Fork Empire, Behind the Mask, and many more, with demos going all the time!

So buy those tickets (only $45 for all of this!), reserve that hotel room, and come have truly epic amounts of fun at StrowlerCon. This is going to rock. your. socks.


An editorial comment. Strowlerfest in St Louis was astounding. If you are anywhere near the area, do not miss this.

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Date:September 29th, 2010 07:10 pm (UTC)
Are You planning on coming to StrowlerCon?
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Date:September 29th, 2010 07:12 pm (UTC)
I would love to, but it's quite a ways away from me, and I went to the St Louis event. Also that is Pythonacon weekend.
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Date:September 29th, 2010 07:32 pm (UTC)


FPB Pegasus Filks

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Take it back
Take it back
Take back the right,
To sing and play.
It will fill your heart,
it will feed your soul,
When-you take-back the-right,
To sing and play!

Gabriel Gray's Song

This is my future,
My destined design
I'm closer each second,
each-tick of-the-clock in-mind
And the strong survive,
And the wheels turn slow,
And the pendulum swings,
And the power is Mine!
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Date:September 29th, 2010 07:52 pm (UTC)
Okay, maybe you can explain - why are there multiple conventions with the same name? I have been completely confused because some people seemed to be talking about this in St. Louis and some in MA, and now I get that they are different events. But what's the connection?
[User Picture]
Date:September 29th, 2010 07:56 pm (UTC)
StrowlerFEST was in St Louis, StrowlerCON is in Boston. They are run by the same people (and originated by K and S00j). They feature some of the same performers, but not entirely. They are very similar events.
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Date:September 29th, 2010 08:58 pm (UTC)
And from what I understand they'll also be running StrowlerNIGHTS on the west coast later this year.
[User Picture]
Date:September 30th, 2010 04:00 am (UTC)
Yep... StrowlerNights is Halloween weekend in Seattle and I'd love to go, but it would be hard for me to be there and also be at Wild Mercy's gig that Saturday, and it would be kinda rude to not show up for my own gig, eh? :-)
[User Picture]
Date:September 29th, 2010 10:12 pm (UTC)
Ah, thanks! I don't think I processed the last part - I probably just turned them all to "con" in my head. *grin*
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