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A response - Eric's House Of Ego
November 26th, 2010
10:18 am


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A response
To a request from Teresa on FB. I felt it needed to be posted here as well

I am thankful for my chosen family. I am thankful for those members of my chosen family with whom I travel around and make large noises. I am thankful that, me the loner who usually only has a friend or two, has a whole group of friends who are as close as those usual few. I am thankful for the wonderful mutants who make up the WSPA, both charter and auxiliary members. I am thankful for the marvelous woman who, for reasons that baffle everyone, has made my life so wonderful. As the saying goes, life could not better be.

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Date:November 26th, 2010 09:11 pm (UTC)
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Date:November 28th, 2010 09:40 pm (UTC)
*merp* I'm thankful for my zany, supportive, uncensored family. I'm thankful for a job that let's me live the life I love. Im thankful to be part of a community of misfits with instruments and voices and mischeif. And I'm thankful that a man such as this would make my life bright with his laughter, warm with his smile, and fill the cracks of my world with his being. I love my life, and those that are a part of it.
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