Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

People who ROCK!

When Charles takes our scribbles from email, and our babbles in person and creates a ceremony that shows who we are in every way, he rocks!
When Sara makes a stealth tie dye cake, she rocks!
When my son Ian takes on so much for us this weekend, including being my Best Man, he rocks!
When Ron makes us tie dye sheets, he rocks!
When Karen makes it possible for most of the wedding party to shoehorn itself into con suite, she rocks!
When Bert becomes our very own MIB, and gets us from place to place, he rocks!
When Lexie takes two beautiful ladies and makes them even more beautiful, she rocks!
When Gary Craig, the glorious storyteller that he is, charms everyone I know, he rocks!
When Stephanie Dawson keeps my love sane, all while maintaining sanity on her own, she rocks!
When Andy plays us a lovely piece of music, he rocks!
When S00J sings for us, she rocks!
When my son Jared gets the best gag of the day (and it was his idea), he rocks!
When Chas, Adam, Erik and Gary conspire with me (and I know I forgot someone), they rock!
When my daughter smiles and beams and charms and chats with everyone, and is as lovely a flower girl as it possible to be, she rocks!
When Daniel takes my faulty gear and give us music, he rocks
When K makes it possible for the music to continue, he rocks!
When Celia helps us both focus and relax, and prompts folks to take the place of the missing music, she rocks!
When Lexie, Ian, Leah, Xap, Raven and Teresa are up there for us, they rock!

And when all of you laugh and cry and share this moment with us ... we can never thank you enough! The love you showed us this weekend, we are honored to be this loved by so many. Thank you.
Tags: andy, family, lizzie, s00j, tie dye cake, wedding, wspa

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