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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Stars in the night

Another slow motion open mike ... another longer set ... I could have gone on longer but the guy who was after me was getting a little itchy and it would have been rude to make him wait any longer.

The audience there is getting to know my stuff and I had someone ask for "that stairmaster song" So I suppose that is a good sign. I was in the campus newspaper this week but it's just a far away picture and a quote with no comment on my set from last week. Bummer ... I need some new quotes for the quote page.

I played a great set though. Sang well. Played VERY well. I'm finding some new rhythms in Golden Age. I'll have to explore them a little further before I record the song. Hides was ESPECIALLY good last night. I stretched the outro out a lot and with the new guitar I can go real high for some pretty devastating sounds.

Yesterday I came up with a quote that I think describes my performing really well.

You don't have to scare the audience 100 percent of the time, but you don't have to try to be their buddy all the time either. - Rick Nielson (Cheap Trick)

The set list

Low Self Esteem (after this the audience ... which was minimal as audiences tend to be there ... rushed the stage ... I think they expected me to be taken aback ... instead I said "if you stay right up front here I can spit all over you" ... they retreated back to their seats ... nice to see that they are getting it though)
Trophy Wife
Don't Go Home
Almost Beautiful
Golden Age Of Silicon
Product Might Be Hot
Bang My Bald Spot

Over the next week I'm going to work seriously on The One I Chased Away and Hand Above The Water to get them in the set. Maybe The Woman I Want as well ...
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