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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Let me tell you about my weekend!

and got to Chez Dork about 10:30.

We crashed out and actually got a decent nights sleep, the last for a couple of days. Got up moderately early and loaded another PA system into our car. I played the best game of car tetris of my life!

We continued onward. On the way we stopped at a very nice Mongolian Grill with a most entertaining grillmaster. The roads were a little slick, but not too bad, the snow was following us at an alarming pace. We got the toe hotel 4ish and got both systems unloaded and on to their respective carts and then hit the pool for a half hour.

Some words about the hotel pool, or at least one word … BEWARE! It is a very slippery place, feels like there is moss growing around the stairs. And the lighting zombifies you! Really, Lizzie was the most amazing shades of purple and green. Yet still so lovely.

We crashed out for a bit and then went to set up the PA system. The rest of the evening was spent hanging out and getting ready for the show.

And a marvelous show it was. I only made a few mistakes, Lizzie made almost none. We had a blast.

Daughter Of The Red
Child Of Stars
If I Were The Rain
Out Of The Light
Temple Of The King (Dio-Blackmore
World Walker
Calvin's Girl
Follow That Road (Anne Hills
Swamp Witch (Jim Stafford)
Bloodletting (Johnette Napolitano /Concrete Blonde)
She Moved Through The Faire (trad)
Widows Garden

We crashed out (on the hotel's terrible bed, I mean really awful) and then dove into the next day. Met Jason for breakfast and then I went back and reset the PA system for the rest of the day.

Mark Bernstein had a marvelous show of songs and stories. Peggy Warner-Lalonde had an enchanting set. I wish I could remember the name of the woman who played guitar and sang (some remind me).

Tom Smith did a set that had a lot of songs I had never heard him do before, as well as some that I have. He was, of course, astounding.

Then … the Rocky Horror Muppet Show. I have known for many years that Tom is a bad bad man. I mean really bad. As in not nice at all. I had no idea of the depths to which he could go. It's really hard to run sound for a show where things are changing constantly while laughing as hard as I was. Yet it seems to have worked.

The open filk was lovely, I played a fair amount of drums. Inflicted FPN on Peggy, including a couple of songs from her set. Lizzie and I only did one song, but she did premiere a new song acapella while I was off elsewhere. It may end up on the CD if we have time to work it out.

Jason, gundo and I closed out my evening with a marvelous version of Hides.

Lizzie and I hit the road early, we had to be home sunday night. Normally we stop in Joliet on the way, but not time. Highlight of the trip back, Sweetwater's Donut Mill. OH … MY … DONUT … HEAVEN !!! We should have gotten a dozen, but, as Lizzie pointed out, we wouldn't have saved them for the morning, we would have eaten them all in the car. They were that good.

We rolled into town in front of the storm, just as we had rolled out in front of a storm. We managed to avoid all such things all weekend, a good thing when driving to Michigan in January.

We got all of the instruments out of the car, Ian and Katie acted as cat wranglers while we did this. We then cuddled up kitties, checked email, told people we were home and collapsed.

It was a lovely weekend. There are more Cheshire Moon shows coming up all over the midwest in the next couple of months. Two shows in Ames (the 2nd will get announced shortly), a couple in the Chicago area, one in Minneapolis and one in Des Moines.

Toyboat Unclogged will descend on Capricon in a couple of weeks.

It's going to be a toasty end of winter!

So, how was your weekend?
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