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Today - Eric's House Of Ego
April 23rd, 2012
11:57 am


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It's been interesting how my body deals with pain. My wrists and thumb don't really hurt much, so I don't take the pain pills much. This weekend I realized that I was having problems.

My body is dealing with trauma, not specific pain. When I don't take the pain meds, I get kind of spacy. When I do take the pain meds, I get sharp. It's odd.


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Date:April 23rd, 2012 11:05 pm (UTC)
That is kind of odd, as usually it works the other way.

I hope your recovery goes smoothly.
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Date:April 24th, 2012 01:46 am (UTC)
polyfrog believes, and I am inclined to a similar belief, that general anesthesia doesn't actually make you oblivious to what happened, but rather, it gives your brain and body a way to cope with the trauma of surgery over time, in installments, rather than all at once.

After my tubal -- meaning, months after my tubal -- I had some odd flashbacks to the surgery (during which I was out cold), and also experienced some pain and burning at incision sites both external and internal. It was terrifyingly intense, and very brief, and not (to my knowledge) in any way physical. Once I got past that, I was fully done with that surgery. But apparently not before that.

I am willing to accept the very real possibility that I'm just a complete freak, but that was my experience.
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