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Ways of Wind and Water - Eric's House Of Ego
June 13th, 2012
08:39 am


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Ways of Wind and Water
We recorded basic tracks for three songs last night, Widows Garden, Follow That Road (Anne Hills) and Family. The latter two were both first takes! Tonight Lizzie and I record Child Of Stars, If I Were The Rain and Caravan. Then basic tracks are done. Then we pick up again in a couple of weeks once we're back and Isaac has the studio moved to a new location and do overdubs.

It's really sounding good. So I'm saying it again. We're halfway there for funding the CD. We need your help. 20 bucks gets you a CD and a DL of all the tracks. 35 bucks gets you that and an extra CD of rough mixes and a couple of unreleased songs and special versions of songs from the CD including the title track, which, with typical brattiness, we have decided will only be on the extras CD (more on that as time goes along). And there are more levels with nifty stuff, including some of Lizzie's knitted wonderfulness.

Cheshire Moon - Ways of Wind and Water

You can hear demos of many of the songs that will be on the CD here.
Cheshire Moon/a>

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