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Ways of Wind and Water - Kickstarter update - Eric's House Of Ego
June 25th, 2012
12:56 pm


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Ways of Wind and Water - Kickstarter update
We made our goal, but now have a stretch goal. Basically anything past this will start a travel fund, mostly so we can go to Conflikt next January.

I'm also sort of amazed that so few people have gone for the extra disc. This will include the entire album in rough mix and alternate mixes as well as extra tracks that will appear nowhere else. Right now that includes the title track which is a pretty instrumental/vocal piece (there are two versions of that right now), a wildly different version of one song that appears on the album, and probably one song that I will sing (if I have time to get it recorded). I'm sure there will be more as the sessions go on.

Also, no house concert inquiries. That is a little pricey though.

We expect everything to ship toward the end of August, which means Lizzie has some serious knitting to do!

Cheshire Moon - Ways of Wind and Water

You can hear demos of many of the songs that will be on the CD here.
Cheshire Moon

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