Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Let me tell you about my summer vacation!

I took off from work middle of the afternoon already tired. I finally stopped in Morris IL and got a hotel room. After a terrible nights sleep, I drove to gundo's and picked up gear, waited a few minutes for Mike and headed downtown.

Oddly enough, we had no problem getting to the hotel, got right there, went to the wrong parking garage at first, then rolled the cart right into the main ballroom.
Setup and sound check happened over two hours. Mike and I were early, Raven shortly after and gundo couldn't get there till 2. The sound crew was amazing. We got a great monitor mix, had everything we needed to hear right away. If the front of house sound was as good as the monitor mix, it was great.

John Scalzi was the host. I think the thing that he liked the most about us was the hits. If you watch most late night talk shows, the host will do hand gestures and the band will react. We worked that out. We missed once. He also called us out on our rudest joke (which was a visual).

We opened the show with Would You Like To Play A Game.

Scalzi's intro was the Gary Glitter version of The Imperial Death March (it's amazing how well that goes with that beat)
Earle Korshack came on to My Generation
Mike Resnick - Paperback Writer
Sy Leibergot - Ziggy Stardust
Jane Frank - Sympathy for the Devil
Peggy Rae Sapienza - Photograph (and the terrible visual joke, I'm the drummer, work it out)
We had one last minute addition, and I don't have her name handy, but we pulled out Banned From Argo so there was something going on.
We walked folks out after with the lovely strains of Zombie Momma.

Within about an hour, Mike and I were back in the car and heading back to Joliet. Jason was wrangling gear so I could get home at a slightly more reasonable time. I am not sure what happened, but after every turn, we managed to be going west, so it took us probably an extra 45 minutes to get to Joliet.

I was surprisingly ok for most of the drive back, considering the day before, the night before and the day of. It was only in the last hour that I really needed a voice in my ear. I had made Lizzie go to bed a couple hours before (she was worried and wanted to stay up), I called her just before midnight, as I hit I-35, so she could talk me home.

Playing in front of 1000+ people was a blast. I had the day off today, and am getting (slowly) ready for SACC.

I'm still kind of beat, but it should be a relaxing weekend.

It was lovely to see a few folks I never see, Star Straf came up and kissed me on the back of the neck, and then vanished on me. When I stopped at the Roper's table they were selling a Cheshire Moon CD, so that was a nice ego boost. I wish I could have stayed for the weekend, but it didn't work out. Lizzie and I do intend to be in London if indeed that is where 72 (72?) is going to be.

Ok, back to getting ready. It was lovely seeing those of you that I saw, I wish I had seen more of the rest of you (does that make any sense at all?)
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