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And the second full length CD. - Eric's House Of Ego
November 1st, 2012
09:08 pm


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And the second full length CD.
I Had To Suffer For My Art, Now It's Your Turn

Same deal ... free, leave me some cash if you want. This one sold in the dozens on it's original release.

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Date:November 2nd, 2012 09:55 am (UTC)
Wah, you are SO productive!!!
I will get around to "bandcamping" at the weekend, and will likely also put up Ju's and my oooold tapes or at least some of the better songs off those, for free.
Also, will start mp3/download sales for our new album, but I wanted to give Roper a shot at selling physical copies, first.
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Date:November 2nd, 2012 11:30 am (UTC)
And I did it while I was doing Wii Fit !!!

Not really all that productive, I was uploading while I did other stuff.
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