Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Last night

We had an amazing night last night. Picked up kids from dance (WSPA-3) and tech crew (Jared) got them fed and back to their Mom's.

Then Susan showed up for rehearsal. We quickly agreed that it may not have been the best idea, rehearsal on election night. Yeah, 3 political junkies in one band. We would play a song, the all check phones and laptops to see what had changed, then play a song and repeat.

We got a lot done last night, came up with some nifty harmonies for Haunted and nifty fiddle parts as well. It's going to be gorgeous. The funny part is that Susan may need to bring another instrument with her for a different tuning. Yeah, I know, crazy talk. Bringing more than one instrument for different tunings. I'll talk her out of it. I mean really.

Rehearsal finished and she headed home. Lizzie and I settled in to watch the returns.

I have married the perfect woman, I really have. So many things mesh, politics being a big one. We ranted, raved, laughed, gnashed teeth together all evening. And when, at 10:13, Ohio was called for the President we rejoiced. Phone calls were made to Lizzie's Father and Sister then we settled in to watch the speeches. We didn't make it to the President's speech but we watched Romney concede and then went to bed.

The first thing we did when we got up in the morning was get downstairs and see more of the results. And I fast forwarded to the President's speech while Lizzie was in the shower. It was not the barn burner I expected, it was a speech of gratitude and graciousness. It was very Presidential.

Many of the races went wonderfully, some not. Akin is out, George Allen is out, Mourdock is out. Bachmann is still in.

I'm tired, started in on a cold last night, so what little sleep I got was restless. But I feel good. My body, after a few weeks of being kinda beat up, is doing so much better. Tonight will be low key, Lizzie and kids and I. Tomorrow Lizzie and I will hopefully hit both open mikes in DSM to play some music. This weekend is some school stuff and a bit of fun out in the country courtesy of Ames British Food.

As is so often the case the last couple of years, life could not better be.
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