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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

The rest ... is silence

So I was at Boheme. Turns out they were open last weekend but they didnt open till late so ... I missed it.

Still, I talked about doing this for 4 years.

Yup, 4 years. I have played a set at Boheme every sunday night for 4 years. The only exceptions have been a couple of nights when I was sick, and the weekends when I was out of town. So 3-10 a year the last 4 years. It's great.

The set tonight.

I decided I was going to play a serious set. I even stuck with it. The younger set are back in school, so they aren't around and I don't feel that I have to play WYSIWYG and Crank Generation.

Don't Go Home
The only song I was certain I did 4 years ago. It has gotten much better the last few years. It was great tonight.

Color Of Your Eyes
Nice, not exceptional, but nice. There is a comfort level to this song now. I know I can count on it.

Hand Above The Water
Simply the best this song has ever been live. It has always been a problem for me but tonight it was perfect. As I went into the last verse I realized that there was total quiet in the room. Even the young woman who had steadfastly talked through every other song was quiet. This brought the song to a new level and I finished it very still and soft.

Not the best technically, but the best emotionally I have played it in ages. It felt so good and I knocked the triplets in the final instrumental part. It was wonderful. Isaac was a little upset that I didnt ask him up to play on it, but I didnt decide to do it till Pete told me I had one more song.

The best set I have done in ages. It felt so good.
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