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Wrestling with CDs

I run a fan site for a bunch of 70s nutcases called The Fabulous Poodles

edit: For some reason when I put http in the above link it comes through on LJ ... if you want to see it you will have to change it since I can't get it to work

As their only CD (a best of) and all of their records (like I need to say that) are now out of print I have made their stuff available for a minimal (2 CDs at 5 bucks) to the few folks who have asked me. This is with the permission of at least one member of the band. (thanks Bobby). He said as long as I didnt make any money on the music, after all they didn't.

So I have the LPs burned and a nifty cover made. There is this guy who has been unable to find a copy of the best of CD (since it's out of print).

So I get that done with the one non-LP b-side that I know of. A complete studio collection as far as I know. Until I look at my website again and realize that there was at least on unreleased song on the CD. So I have to get that and reburn the CD ... and redo the cover (the easy part)

I'm such a gerbil sometimes.

Anyway, if you are into very witty, oddball, rootsy rock and roll, check out the webpage (which is in desperate need of an update, Ronnie played in the US last year I think)

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