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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

So far ...


Montana is cold and starkly beautiful. Ridges pop up at random intervals. There are cattle all over, I saw what looked like wild horses an hour or so ago as well as a pack of what seemed to be some sort of deer.

The sleeping car attendant is Stanley. He is charming, smiles a lot and we realized sometime today, quite the fannish type. I would guess that he is in his 60s since he says that he is close to retirement. He loves comic books, anime and Brit TV shows.

One of the passengers and the attendant in the dining car bemoan "libruls" a lot, not to either of us so far. I'm staying out of it, this trip is for relaxation.

The room is tiny, as I said on FB slightly smaller than Groucho's stateroom in A Night At The Opera. I'm still looking for my hard boiled eggs. I think we will spring for the larger room on the way back, it's worth the money.

The sheets are rough, sleep last night was hard. I did wake up early and rested though. As the day goes along I get more tired, but I'm still ok.

The shower is a marvelous exercise in claustrophobia. The bathrooms are marginally better.

It's been amazing.

We woke up before daylight and grabbed breakfast in the dining car. We ended up sitting across from the guy who hates "libruls", who was ranting about Obama when we sat down. Lizzie and I took control of the conversation and steered it well away from politics.

As breakfast ended we entered the Cascade Tunnel, all 7.8 miles of it. We came out of the tunnel to a wintery, mountainous fantasy world. The last two hours have been spent watching this amazing place go by. We're in the foothills now. I wonder how long I would have to live here for this to become ordinary to me. It is glorious.

Only about two more hours to go on this part of the adventure. Lizzie and I wrote two songs yesterday. The music I had written some time ago and the words she had written some time ago finally intersected. We will flesh these out during the weekend and the trip back. She also has some new words inspired by a view during the trip.

As before, it's been amazing.

This was originally posted on Dreamwidth, after which it wandered out to various other sites. Feel free to reply where ever you want. I should still see it.
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