Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Pagans and the ???

Ok ... one new rule for Eric performing ...

NEVER NEVER NEVER drink an entire Snapple Sun Energy drink half an hour before getting onstage ... it's a bad idea ...

Just the small group of usual mutants last night. And all they wanted to hear was funny stuff. I tossed in a few serious songs but generally ...

Low Self Esteem
Product Might Be Hot (I set a new land speed record for this one ... MAN did I play it fast)
Oh Shannon (which I hadn't done at this location ... NO ONE there that night knew who Shannon Tweed was ... they laughed though)
The Things You Never Know (also known as the song I never play)
Almost Beautiful (I was going to play The One I Chased Away after this but got sidetracked)
Bang My Bald Spot

So I finished ... least I thought I was ... there was someone else to play after me ... everyone wanted some more ...

Golden Age Of Silicon
Trophy Wife

I do have to admit that I did seem to offend a couple of folks ... the two guys who went before me had John 3:16 stickers on their clothing ... and other such things ... they did some old gospel songs (pretty well ... the electric guitar player was quite good) and some originals along the same line ... my question ... and this might be a bit rude ...

but why are people who are fanatical enough about religion to cover their clothing with symbols and sayings from it generally smell bad ??? Is there something about being that much of a fanatic that makes you want to stop bathing ???

They left during my third song ...
Tags: open mike

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