Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

But wait, there's more!

We are going into the studio for single #2 tonight! Yes indeed, not one but two versions of Haunted! It's going to be pretty. It's going to be silly. It's going to be pretty silly! The straight up, lovely version and the "I can't believe we just did that" version.

Hmmm, maybe the next session will include the redneck blues version of Narrow Way.

Also, go take a look, we finally have a cover for the first single. I'm kinda proud of it.

This was originally posted on Dreamwidth, after which it wandered out to various other sites. Feel free to reply where ever you want. I should still see it.
Tags: cheshire moon, singles

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