Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

5 do ya hear me ... 5 !!!

Blame chirosinger for this. (and you still haven't sent me those pictures).

And anyone feel free to ask me to ask you stuff. I promise I'll do it this time.

1) What was the first song you ever wrote and what was the inspiration?

There are several firsts here (I did a lot of things before I started doing what I do now) ... in reverse order.

Complete song playable by me, I don't remember what I finished first when I started playing guitar, probably Don't Go Home about having every place I ever lived torn down or Wilderness Of Smiles about a bad evening with some friends in a meat market bar.

For my synth band, a minimalist thing called Tentative (which is going on CD this weekend).

Written on a bass for my band Jim? (I burned a live show on CD recently, it's scary). I think our usual opener The Middle Ground (or The Final Solution if I am in a Holmes-ian mood) was the first song I wrote for that band. I came up with basic changes on the bass and the guitar player and bass player fleshed things out for me.

Just lyrics, A typical paranoid teenage rant about being an outsider called Laughter that I wrote when I was 15. I still have this lyric somewhere. This was co-written by a fellow named Aaron Johnson, who was later one of the co-founders of Iowa's first punk band White Lunch (along with Tim Johnson, Charlie Chesterman on guitars and myself on drums). Aaron and I wrote several songs together, most of which I still have lyrics to, and most of which I keep lyrics so I can remind myself how badly I sucked.

I realized this year that I have been writing for songs (and sometimes complete songs) for 30 years now. Maybe I'll get it right someday.

2) How did you meet your wife? Was it love at first sight?
I met her at the summer orientation for Drake University, where we both went to college (I was a couple of years ahead of her and at the orientation to meet cute incoming freshman girls so I could get nowhere with them ... I was real good at that). We disliked each other immediately. We did both think that the other was cute though (back when I was ... she still is). It took us quite a few years and a marriage and a break up for her for us to get together.

3) How did you discover filk music?
I became aware of filk over several years. I ran special events at a Capricon and had a music room where I first saw Steve Mac and various others (this was I think Steve's first con, or darn close to it). I started around then to realize that there was this music thing going on somewhere. Talk to Jan in Chicago about the first times she saw me in filk circles. I used to sit for hours clutching my guitar and would end up leaving without playing a note. I still feel that I don't fit in filk circles sometimes. Maybe if I write more filk.

4) What is your favorite food in the whole wide world?
Currently, the food at the very wonderful Pita Inn in Evanston. This could change with me wandering into the right place. That said I love Indian, Greek and Mexican foods most of all. I'll try most things. I once dated a very wonderful woman (now immortalized, or slandered in several of my songs) who loved to go search out new food. We did this a lot. Of course we lived in Des Moines at the time so choices were slim.

5) If you had your choice of moving anywhere in the world (secure job, no language abrrier), where would you live?

The only place I have ever felt totally at home, London. A large part of why I like Chicago is that it reminds me of London in a lot of ways.

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