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So ... it was a laid back night. I was almost totally ignored by the audience and played like it. I did a couple of songs that I didnt know. At least one of them was truly awful ... so ... the set list

Bang My Bald Spot (good laid back version, kind of like the version I did at the open mike last week that I never wrote up)
In Crosby Park (Jumbled a little, but ok)
Almost Beautiful (very nice)
Hand Above The Water (very very nice)
Don't Go Home (great)
Color Of Your Eyes (casual)
The One I Chased Away (Isaac liked it)
The Things You Never Know (I messed up the LAST chorus ... weird)
Yesterday Is Here (Tom Waits)(terrible, I need to lock the chord changes away)
New Dawn Fades (Joy Division) (Great)
Rockaway Beach (The Ramones) (The best I have ever done it)
Pine City Motel Blues (it workd, but I had the lyrics where I could see them)
Hey Dad! (with Isaac, when it was good it was amazing, when it was not so good it was still amazing)

Isaac played a great set, it was a much better night than I thought it would be. We made 16 bucks between us ... not bad for a small audience who mostly ignored us (me more than Isaac though, he was very good)
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