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It's been a marvelous weekend. I was worried about a couple of things. First, what we would spend. We're short on cash, but we also knew we needed this, if for no other reason than to not cancel another show. And the show was worth it. After being off since April, we were way better than we had any right to be.

Critters (With Katt on Bodhran)
Widows Garden
Snow White, Red Road
Masters of Library Science
Out Of The Light (with Katt again & Sean on guitar)

Two new critters, Sparkle and Orpheus, made their first appearance.

The concerts so far.

SROS Lords were the find for me this weekend. Hardcore Punk Filk. Loud guitars, rampaging drums, keyboard bass. Geeky lyrics. They were amazing. Most of the audience fled, but I suppose that is expected in a more folkie crowd. I'm downloading their album right now.

The Canadian Content show was amazing, as expected. I became a fan of Karen Linsley at FKO and this show only reinforced that. Phil Mills songwriting continues to amaze me and Stone Dragons ... well ... of course they were amazing. There were all too brief appearances by Peggy and Howard. It was a marvelous show.

We did a quick walk through the dealers room and are now taking a bit of a break before Bill & Brenda's.

After the last 6 weeks or so, this feels so good.

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