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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

What is the plural of Pegasus?

I have had to hold on to this since Muse ... and then all morning since I wrote this. Yeah. I am SO patient.

One of the things that is most important to me is putting on a good show. Whether I was performing solo, with Toyboat, or now with Cheshire Moon, I have always wanted to make it entertaining. To make sure that the audience walked away feeling like it was time well spent.

Lizzie and I have spent a lot of time working out our show. And not just the songs, but the banter and the whole attitude of our show.

When I was performing solo, I would occasionally get someone who asked me how I improvised so well, how I always seemed to have something to say to anything. My answer, I practiced all of it. I worked on the stories until I knew them so well, I could play around with them, go different places with them.

Lizzie and I do the same thing. If a bit of improv works, it usually ends up in the next show. We talk a lot about who we are onstage, how we deal with each other and the audience. We work on frameworks of the ideas, so we can relax when we are up there and let it happen. It's just like practicing your instrument.

The fact that we have been given this amazing compliment from the community we love so much, the fact that we are up there with these amazing performers, oh, and Toyboat … (ok, I had to say that. Teresa would never have forgiven me if I hadn't) is the greatest compliment I think we can be given.

Well, maybe, then there is this whole "best song" thing. And this group of songs that have also been nominated. Wow, we are considered to be in this crowd?

And I love that there are so many new faces this year. Piers Cawley (told you!), Copy Red Leader, Debs and Errol, Cathy McManamon … us. So many first timers.

We can't make it to OVFF this year. Our dear friend Lyndsey is getting married that Saturday and we are playing at the reception. She asked me how much it would cost to get us to play at her wedding. My response … IT'S YOUR WEDDING !!! WE'RE THERE !!! Silly person.

We will be looking at our phones all evening. Lizzie will probably be a wreck. If we're playing the same time as the awards, I am likely to have my phone plugged into the sound system.

Steve has seen the video of me telling Lizzie, he asked me to record it since she was on a panel when he called … no one else gets to see that video, so don't ask. He saw what it meant to us. I can only give a bit of that feeling. I am amazed, humbled and proud.

Thank you everyone, for this amazing compliment. And congratulations to all the nominees. It is a pleasure to be in your company.

p.s. Oddly enough, this may be my easiest year for voting. Every category has a big favorite. And no, I am not voting for Cheshire Moon in either category we are nominated in, I don't think you should vote for yourself, but I'm like that.

p.p.s. In regards to my snark at my former band … I'm voting for them. Third time, they deserve the win dammit!

p.p.p.s. When you see me, remind me to tell you what Steve, evil person that he is, did to me when he called.

This was originally posted on Dreamwidth, after which it wandered out to various other sites. Feel free to reply where ever you want. I should still see it.
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