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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

The weekend

This has been a most amazing weekend. Friday night there we hosted the First Friday Filk. It was a small but very fun group. Lots of songs were played. I actually sang a bit. Jared played a bit. It was a lovely evening.

Saturday we headed over to the Mucky Duck for their 1st anniversary celebration. I had not see Strong Like Bear play before. I'm a fan now. Smart songs, great playing, and the occasional cool cover song. I had fish and chips. Now I am not a fish fan. I almost never eat fish. I LOVE the Mucky Duck's Fish & Chips. It is so good to see this marvelous place doing so well. It is so well deserved.

We got back home and got the house ready for the next onslaught. Ian, Katie, Jared and Reilly! We had a nice dinner with the kids. There was much laughter, silliness and card playing. After that we went over to Ian and Katie's to meet the new little fluffball. Their new kitten is adorable. A tiny, little fluffy bit of sweetness. She wasn't sure what to think of all the attention though.

Today we went to Des Moines to have lunch with Jolie and Bill. We went to Kurry Xpress. Yeah, Indian fast food. It was tasty. The vindaloo was too hot for either of us though.

After, we went to an ice cream place in Waukee. Quite yummy, it will get a write up in my ice cream blog tomorrow.

We went to Guitar Center, played some instruments, and then went off to Big Creek to work on some music. We had been there maybe 15 minutes when 4 people came over to the next picnic table and grill and started getting their dinner together. We ended up talking for a considerable time. They were from Bosnia. The guy who we talked the most to had been a teacher in Germany in the 70s and 80s, and had lived a most interesting life. He asked us a lot of questions about our music. The piece we were working on had a very eastern European feel to it, and he wanted to know about what we did. We all ended up talking a lot (except for one of the men, who didn't seem to speak English at all). They gave us some of the Bosnian sausages they had for dinner. It's called Ćevapi and it is amazing. There is a Bosnian restaurant on Merle Hay Road that they recommended. We intend to go there Wednesday evening. I have a long rant about meeting new people and going to new places that I will work on later, but this sort of encounter is the sort of thing I live for. It was glorious. They were such nice folk, and so much fun to talk with, and especially, so much fun to listen to. I want to hear more of their story.

We finally pulled ourselves away, much to everyone's regret I think. We're home now. Lizzie is running another load of laundry. I am typing up this. We are going to work on a couple new songs for a bit, and then off to bed.

It has been the best weekend we have had this year. Thank you everyone who made it so wonderful. And thank you to our new friends, I hope we run into them again soon.

This was originally posted on Dreamwidth, after which it wandered out to various other sites. Feel free to reply where ever you want. I should still see it.

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