Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

4 years

This evening, it will be 4 years since I sang Lizzie a song I wrote, and only performed once. There are photos of this moment floating around. The song posed a question. The answer was yes.

Our life together is better and better all the time. My love for her grows in ways that I didn't think was possible. I have never been so closer to another person, I didn't think I was capable of such closeness.

I adore you my beautiful Lizzie Crowe​.

A Modest Proposal
Mae West said "Marriage is an institution"
She said she wasn't ready for an institution.
Many say I belong in an institution
which is why I wrote this song

Now my hands, they can't stop shaking
There must be something I can do to stop the shaking
I think I know how to stop the shaking
there's a question I have for you

I know you've been freting about this moment
I'm trying to make it an easy moment
Well, maybe not that easy of a moment
Cause this song's 29 verses long (hey it's filk)

I suppose I need to get to the point
Hey, what was the point?
I remember what was the point
I had a question for you

I wonder how long I could keep you waiting
A long time I could keep you waiting
I better not keep you waiting
before you beat me with a chair

I may have been less than truthful about 29 verses
There are really only 6 short verses
We've come to the last of the verses
And now my song is done

Because life could not better be
If you'd just marry me.

This was originally posted on Dreamwidth, after which it wandered out to various other sites. Feel free to reply where ever you want. I should still see it.
Tags: lizzie, modest proposal

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