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15 years

I forgot to mention this over the weekend.

15 years ago, I stepped on a stage for the first time in more than 15 years, since the final Soldiers In A Field show.

I had written a fair amount of songs, but didn't have the need to go perform them. I did complain about not performing a lot.

So Julie kicked me out of the house Sunday of Labor Day weekend.

I went to Boheme Bistro, I played 3 songs, I have no idea what, and I didn't suck. So I went back the next week, and the next, and for most weeks for the next 7 years, even as I started to play more. It became my rehearsal space. It was where every new song got a test. Even as I started playing more, I would still end the weekend with a short set at Boheme. One summer Pete, the owner, got so used to the mid-song patter for WYSIWYG that I heard it coming at me in the monitors when I performed it. (I got asked to do that song a lot one summer)

It got me back into performing.

15 years. I have done who knows how many shows, between performing solo, performing with Toyboat and of course Cheshire Moon with the fabulous Lizzie.

Sunday night I celebrated. I hung out with Bryan , Candy , Brad , Dan and my beloved Lizzie Crowe and we played a lot of music. It was as good a way to celebrate as I could have come up with.

I do want to thank my co-conspirators over the years ...

I would be remiss in not starting with the amazing Andy Anda , with whom I have played so many songs, but especially for Hides.

The fellas in Toyboat of course ...
Daniel Gunderson
Jason Neerenberg
Michael Nixon
David M. Stowell

Amy McNally for many special moments in her shows and in mine.

Beth , Justin and Katt for adding drums

Lojo Russo for a couple of insane jams during shows and for all the encouragement.

Dybbuk Q. Klezmer for bringing her amazing talents to Cheshire Moon.

Tom Smith for allowing me to go on the 5 ticket ride that was Tomboat not once, but twice.

And always, my beloved Lizzie. Cheshire Moon is the culmination of this adventure I have been on for the last 15 years. It is the best time I have ever had playing music (and really, look, I've been in on some amazing stuff).

Here is to the next 15 years. That will put me into my 70s, and I want to keep playing music long after that.

And thank you everyone who has followed along on this journey. In the words of Marie ("Slim") Browning ... "it's better when you help".

This was originally posted on Dreamwidth, after which it wandered out to various other sites. Feel free to reply where ever you want. I should still see it.
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