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OVFF 2015

Another weekend that was both rough and wonderful. I went into the weekend already burned out, neither Lizzie nor I had slept well the week before.
That, and I still have problems believing I belong, yeah, after all these years. I do tend to feel like an outsider most places, always have, so it really doesn't reflect on the community, just on my ability to cope. And depression has been a tough battle the last couple of years. Between illness and lots of personal things, it's been a battle. I'm getting better, but it's been a long slog.
So I spent much of the first two days kinda down (ok, really down). There were some moments. I've watched the video and saw just how well we did Child Of The Library. I'm very proud of our version, it's going to stay in the set for awhile.
We were too burned out to get to the circles Friday night, but we had been at the Thursday circle for a bit.
Saturday was fun, the first highlight was Joe Giacoio, who is a favorite … and who finally has a new CD out! And Heather and Ben's set was a delight.
We put a personalized version of Critters into the auction. It did ok, I kinda wanted it to make a bit more though.
A brief aside about the hotel. It was horrific. Too hot for most of the weekend, there was also, apparently, a mold problem. Oddly enough, the longer I was in our room, the worse I would feel, the longer I would be away from the room, the better I would feel. We're staying down the road from now on, a pain, but I won't put myself through that again.
Sunday was fun. We hit the stage with Leslie Hudson and Gary Hanak on Circus Of Dreams, then through Persephone and Boneman's Daughter.
I do want to thank Talis, Cat and Heather for their kind words. And someone said really nice things about my guitar playing, but I can' t remember who. I needed to hear good things this weekend (and there were some real ego boosts). Insecurities have been taking me down hard this year.
The jam was a blast. I was able to just put everything away and play guitar.
Overall, it was rough, but still a good weekend.

We're off the road until March. A good thing. The last two cons have showed me I don't have a lot of coping skills at the moment. I want to be out there making music (and we do have two shows between now and the end of the year), but I need time off.

This was originally posted on Dreamwidth, after which it wandered out to various other sites. Feel free to reply where ever you want. I should still see it.
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