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The joyful day!


I rarely note friends birthdays here on LJ. Mostly because I know that if I start doing it, eventually I will forget someone and I'll feel bad about that. So I comment here and there.

But, I do comment on birthdays of musicians, actors, etc that I like, if I remember, since they won't notice if I forget.

So, it's Mary Chapin Carpenter's birthday today. She is one of my FAVORITE songwriters.

So, what is your favorite MCC song?

It's hard to choose, since she has written so many brilliant songs. I think I can narrow it down to a few

Halley Came To Jackson
Going Home (the hidden track from Time Sex Love)
He Thinks He'll Keep Her
I better just stop here ... cause I would probably go on for awhile

Oh, and her covers of The Bug and Passionate Kisses may be the definitive versions